Updated Travel Policies for FY21

Important Update: Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have been extended until further notice.

UW System and UW-Madison recently updated travel policies for the new fiscal year (2021) that began on July 1.

Planning your travel should always start by reviewing new policies issued by both UW System and UW-Madison.  There are several helpful sites where you should review prior to making any travel arrangements along with tools to help you plan, especially if you are new to travel. For more travel planning information, visit TravelWise.

Travel Restrictions

Travel continues to be restricted. Please stay informed before you make any travel arrangements to ensure compliance with campus policies. TravelWise is continuously being updated with the most current information. It is also highly recommended by UW System that you do not plan your travel any sooner than 45 days in advance due the ever changing world environment.

Updated Policies for FY21
  • The University’s contracted travel agency for individual travel will switch from Fox World Travel to Travel, Inc. You can become more familiar with that by signing up for multiple sessions of training throughout the fall.
  • AirBnB will be an allowable lodging option.
  • Prepayment of lodging will be allowable, when necessary.
  • Passport and passport renewal fees will be reimbursable if required as a result of UW travel.
  • Vehicle rentals: Vehicle classes up to mid-size SUV will be allowable (previously allowed up to standard/intermediate sedan).
  • The 90-day rule will be expanded to include send-backs. Travelers will have 90 days from the send-back date to resubmit their expense reports.
  • Day-trip meals ($15 taxable reimbursement) will not have to be reduced to $0 if a meal was provided.

Travelers are responsible for understanding all policies prior to making arrangements for travel.  Check the TravelWise website often to stay up-to-date.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact your travel coordinator or send email to travel@fpm.wisc.edu prior to your travel to ensure complete compliance.