FP&M Locker/Cubby Survey


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Do I have to have a locker and/or cubby?

No, the decision is up to you. Please take the survey below to let the Space Management Office know your preference. The survey is due December 3.

What if I change my mind?

If you requested a locker and/or cubby and later decide you do not want one after all, please let your supervisor know.

If you indicated you did not want a locker or cubby and want one or both later, storage will be assigned out of the available inventory.

Where will my locker/cubby be located?

Your locker and cubby will be near each other and as close to your area (e.g., Office of Sustainability, Lakeshore Nature Preserve) as possible.

Can I trade lockers or move to a different spot?

At this time, we ask you work with your assigned storage area. However, please stay tuned for more flexibility as the relocations progress.

How do I get my keys?

You will be informed of your locker space via email, and you can get your locker key from Molly Lenz at the front desk (sixth floor lobby on the northwest side of the building) during normal business hours. Stay tuned for more details!

How big are the lockers and cubbies?

Lockers are 59 inches high and contain a boot tray, so you’ll have plenty of space for outerwear. Your locker will also have an adjustable shelf and of course, a lock. Cubbies are 18”x18”x20” each and have an adjustable shelf, as well as a lock.

I have an assigned office or workstation. Can I have a cubby?

Lockers and cubbies are for staff without assigned workspace. Please keep your belongings in your workstation or office.

Locker/Cubby Survey

Please reserve your locker and/or cubby (or let Space Management know you don’t want one) by filling out this survey by December 3.