Partners in Giving Penny Wars

2022 Results

Penny Wars 2022: Results

This year’s winners are:

  • Most $ Raised: Finishing Shop
  • Most Negative Points: Grounds Management
  • Most Positive Points: Grounds Construction

See the results from all departments and units who participated.

2022 Penny Wars Results

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Thank you!

FP&M employees playing Penny Wars contributed to Partners in Giving by adding to coin jars in their department. All funds collected go toward our division’s overall fundraising total!

Thank you very much for your support of Partners in Giving!

Challenge your co-workers to help raise money for Partners in Giving — play Penny Wars November 7 – 18!

See how to play and find your Penny Wars jar location below.

2022 Jar Locations

Environment, Health & Safety teams

Questions? Contact Pat Fargen.

  • 21 N Park, 6th floor, Room 7259
  • 21 N Park, 6th floor, Room 7317

Physical Plant teams

Questions? Contact Nicole Frick or Emily LaSavage.

  • Custodial: 45 N Charter, break area
  • Campus Services: 45 N Charter, by Dispatch area
  • Grounds: 502 Herrick Dr, Madison
  • Waste & Recycling: 3083 Hwy MM, Fitchburg
  • All other units: 30 N Mills, 3rd and 4th floors – Supervisor for each unit has your team’s jar

Strategic & Capital Project Delivery, Campus Planning & Design, Real Estate Development & Administration, Sustainability, and Office of the AVC teams

Questions? Contact Molly Lenz.

  • 21 N Park, 6th floor, break room

Transportation Services teams

Questions? Contact Anne Bogan.

  • Appeals, Customer Service, Permits & Special Events – 21 North Park Street, WC and WARF, Suite 120/124
  • Field Services: Enforcement & Maintenance – WARF, Suite 142
  • Director’s Office & Finance – WARF, Suite 167
  • Commuter Solutions & IT – WARF, Suite 1167
  • Booth Services – WARF, Lot 75, (Booth Services Office)

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How does it work?

Each penny equals one point. All paper and silver money equals a negative amount for your team. See rules for different coin and paper money values at right.

The team, unit, or office with the most positive points (or lowest negative points) will be declared the winner! “Sabotage” other departments with silver coins and paper money. No money can be removed from the jar for any reason.

U.S. coins photo with overlaid text: "2022 PENNY WARS


  • Each penny equals 1 point. (1¢ = + 1 point).
  • All paper and silver money equal negative points for your team.
  • $1 bill = -100 points      $5 bill = -500 points      $10 bill = -1000 points
  • Nickel = -5 points  Dime= -10 points  Quarter = -25 points
  • You cannot remove money from any jar for any reason.
  • All rolled coins need to be opened and placed as loose change in the jar to count towards your jar total.
  • The shop/office/team with the most positive points, or lowest negative points will be declared the WINNER!
  • Sabotaging others jars with silver coins and paper money is encouraged!

Partners in Giving logoHelp raise money for FP&M’s Partners in Giving 2022 campaign to add to the division’s total. There are several ways to participate through November 30, 2022.

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