AssetWorks KnowledgeBase (ReADY-AiM-GO)


The link below leads to the Facilities Planning and Management internal Knowledge Base.  This is a website that can only be seen by UW Employees.  It contains all training documentation created by and available to Physical Plant employees related to the three main software systems maintained by Physical Plant.  They are:

  • ReADY – a website where campus customers can submit maintenance work requests to Physical Plant
  • AiM – a website used by Physical Plant employees to track and manage work created through ReADY
  • Go – an iOS app used daily by tradespeople to manage their work, fill out timecards, and communicate with other tradespeople

Feel free to save or bookmark the Knowledge Base website for future reference.  Also note that a shortcut to the Knowledge Base website is automatically made available to you on your work-issued iPhone or iPad.


Go to the knowledgebase here:

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