Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Cybersecurity Awareness Training is part of your employment obligation and is required per the UW System Board of Regents.

  1. Beginning the week of April 27, you will receive an email from “”. This is a legitimate message. Drip7 is a trusted partner we are working with to host this training.
  2. The message includes your primary UW–Madison email, a temporary password, and a link to the online training site.
There Are Two Training Options Available To Campus:
  • Option 1:A highly visual and interactive Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivered through the Drip7 platform. You can complete this training in approximately 20 minutes. This training is less accessible to people with visual and motor disabilities.
  • Option 2: A text-based Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivered in Canvas by the UW–Madison Office of Cybersecurity. This training is very accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Enroll at on April 30 to enroll in this training. We are working to translate this training into our six languages. If you require one of these versions, please contact

If you’d like more information you can check out the Cybersecurity Training Website.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training for all faculty and staff (excluding graduate and undergraduate student employees) rolls out beginning April 26, and must be completed by June 30, 2021.

  • Employees must complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training by June 30th, 2021.
  • New employees must complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training within the first 30 days of their employment.
  • This will become an annual training.

Click here to go to the training website.

(The first time you login, you will need the temporary password found in your email from


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