Emotional Intelligence@Work


Practicing emotional intelligence (EQ) is an essential part of developing connection with others. The ability to recognize our own and others’ feelings is invaluable in today’s work environment. In this three-part course, you will learn and practice skills and strategies that build connection, trust, and cultivate inclusive decision-making and a sense of belonging. Emotional Intelligence@Work is offered in two formats: a three-part, highly interactive, in-person cohort experience, or pick and choose to learn about specific topics in 90-minute EQ@Work Skills and Strategies virtual sessions. You will be invited to bring your own experiences and understanding as tools for individual and collective reflection, learning, discussion, and practice with others. If you are interested in gathering with colleagues and build your awareness, understanding, and capacity for emotional intelligence (EQ) – this is for you! Use these links to check out each course offering format.

  1. https://hr.wisc.edu/professional-development/courses/?q=Emotional+Intelligence+%40
  2. https://hr.wisc.edu/professional-development/courses/?q=EQ+Skills+ 
In person, Online

Learn more about the program here: https://hr.wisc.edu/professional-development/programs/inclusion-at-uw/emotional-intelligencework/

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