NFPA 70E Refresher (canvas)


A self-paced course.
There is a series of 5 videos, totaling about 4 hours. After watching the videos, there is a required 10-question Quiz. You must receive a PASSING score of 7 correct of 10 to be considered complete. Attendees may make multiple attempts at the quiz, although some quiz questions may change on repeat attempts.

Electrical workers often need to examine, operate, or work on, or near, live electrical equipment. Understanding how to identify electrical hazards and mitigate the risks associated with electrical hazards is an important component of electrical competency.

This 4-hour course will provide refresher training and updated information on the industry electrical safety consensus standard National Fire Protection Associate (NFPA) 70E-2018, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Course content will assume attendees have previously received general NFPA 70E training and that this proposed course will focus on updates, and implications of the updates, from the 2018 revision of the standard.


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