Safety Bulletin 009

This edition of the FP&M Safety Bulletin focuses on proper load lifting and hazard awareness. Remember to dig deeper before taking action by asking two important questions:

  • What are the possible consequences of this activity?
  • What is the likelihood of an incident if we proceed as planned?

For more information, consult Safety Bulletin 009 or visit the Safety page.

CPR/AED and First Aid Training

Brought to you by FP&M and the Division of Recreational Sports, this CPR/AED and First Aid training is a 4-hour session that teaches ways to recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac and breathing emergencies. Participants will also learn ways to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill adult until more advanced medical personnel become available.

By successfully completing this course, you will receive a valid two-year Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certification.

Space is limited to 12 people in each session and will be allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Available Sessions

FP&M First Aid/CPR/AED Training
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Natatorium (Room 2204)
2000 Observatory Drive
Seats: 12

FP&M First Aid/CPR/AED Training
Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Natatorium (Room 2204)
2000 Observatory Drive
Seats: 12

To register

  1. Complete the FP&M Request Form for Physical Plant or Non-Physical Plant.
  2. Submit the form to your supervisor for approval.
  3. After approval, your supervisor will scan/email the signed form to FP&M Training email account (
  4. We will send attendees registration confirmation email.

Please feel free to contact Kong Thao (; 608-263-3049) if you have any questions.

Safety Bulletin 008

This edition of the FP&M Safety Bulletin focuses on body positioning. If so much force is required that you are hurting yourself, something is probably wrong. Stop and re-evaluate body, tool, and material positioning.

For more information, consult Safety Bulletin 008 or visit the Safety page.

Safety on Campus Construction Sites

FP&M Capital Planning & Development (CPD) has many construction projects underway on campus and would like to remind you of the importance of construction site safety.

Before you first visit any construction site…

Please contact the appropriate CPD project manager in advance. Check the CPD project page to determine which project manager is assigned a given project.

When you arrive at the construction site…

Please make sure to:

  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes hard hat, eye protection, high visibility vest, and closed-toe boots.
  • Always sign in at the job trailer.
  • Be alert on site at all times.

If you feel that corrective measures are needed, please advise the CPD project manager immediately.

Surviving Winter Weather

The emergency preparedness topic for January is Surviving Winter Weather. Please see the attached flyer for tips and information about:

  • Driving in winter weather
  • Surviving an ice storm
  • What to keep in your car
  • What to do if you are stranded in your car
  • Ice safety

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact Dave Kromm (; 890-1376) of the UWPD Emergency Management Unit.

Supervisors: Please post or distribute the attached flyer for employees that do not regularly use email.