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icon: yellow star outlineCongratulations to the 2022 Award Recipients! Videos captioned in six languages will be available soon and announced in the FP&M Employee Newsletter. 

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2021 Recognition Awards

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Award Exceptional Efforts

A Recognition Award is a great way to highlight FP&M employees’ contributions, accomplishments, and service to a unit or department over time.

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Please send print forms to recognition@fpm.wisc.edu or mail to the following address: FP&M Recognition Committee c/o Karen Demick, 21 N. Park Street, Room 7251, Madison, WI 53715-1227


All FP&M employees are eligible for the division-wide awards, regardless of employee class or category. There is no minimum length of service required for eligibility. Recognition Committee members are not eligible to receive awards.

Nomination pointers

Nominating someone for an Award is a great way to highlight all of an employee(s) contributions, accomplishments, and service to a unit or department! This can be over time.

Please provide a detailed description of the employee or team you wish to nominate. Include examples of their actions so that the selection committee can consider the nominee for an award.

Learn more about the five award categories: Teamwork, Customer Service, Going Above and Beyond, Unsung Individual, and Creative Solutions.


Teamwork Award

Recognize people who work together to achieve a common goal. Nominate a coworker or team that:

  • Maintains effective working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, or customers
  • Encourages teamwork by recognizing and promoting employee strengths
  • Acknowledges the strengths of all employees and encourages teamwork
  • Collaborates and cooperates when solving problems
  • Supports UW–Madison values to achieve positive results together

Customer Service Award

Recognize a person who builds positive relationships and gives customers more than what they expect. Nominate someone who:

  • Uses personal expertise and customer feedback to solve problems
  • Handles customer concerns or customer requests quickly and effectively
  • Has a respectful and friendly attitude with all customers
  • Manages challenging customer service situations in a way that upholds UW–Madison values

Going Above and Beyond Award

Recognize a person for contributions beyond their job description. Nominate someone who:

  • Acts in a way that positively influences the entire group or energy
  • Does more than the job description requires (i.e., volunteering)
  • Takes initiative to respond to difficult or unexpected events
  • Exceeds goals and expectations
  • Promotes employee morale and integrity in the workplace

Unsung Individual Award

Recognize a person who has made significant everyday contributions to their workplace and UW-Madison. Nominate someone who:

  • Demonstrates integrity by being trustworthy, respectful, and accountable
  • Consistently works towards team success
  • Performs work accurately and follows professional standards
  • Promotes high standards for honesty, responsibility, and perseverance
  • Shares job-related knowledge and available resources with others
  • Follows through on commitments

Creative Solutions Award

Recognize a person who uses inventive solutions to improve ideas or processes. Nominate someone who:

  • Embraces change as an opportunity for improvement and continuous learning
  • Participates in collaborative problem-solving and comes up with practical solutions
  • Ensures a safe and healthy campus and work environment by following established procedures and protocols for their job functions at all times
  • Independently finds and uses sustainable, effective, and efficient resources

Also access a print version of the Award Categories.

For more information, or to nominate one of your colleagues, please visit https://inside.fpm.wisc.edu/employee-recognition/

Have questions? Need help? Email the Recognition Team at recognition@fpm.wisc.edu


See more about FP&M Employee Recognition below.

person stands with arms folded against patterned tile/brick wall
Clay Eckstein

Customer Service Award

Clay Eckstein

Painter, Physical Plant

Nominated by Jana Valeo, Kerry O’Neill, and Robin Fisher


person stands outdoors in a green wooded space near a parking lot with arms crossed, smiling, wearing a ball cap and crossing arms
Alex Pastena

Creative Solutions Award

Alex Pastena

PARCS IT Analyst – Senior, Transportation Services

Nominated by David Berland


Elizabeth Oseid

Going Above and Beyond Award

Elizabeth Oseid

Health Physicist, Environment, Health & Safety

Nominated by Jason Rusch


person stands outdoors in front of a brick-walled building and sidewalk where green trees and light blue sky fade in to the background
Megha Poudel

Unsung Individual Award

Megha Poudel

Custodian, Physical Plant

Nominated by Deb Jurmu


person poses outdoors in front of a windowed building at right and a tall building in the distance to the left. Behind person is a glowing, fading sunset in yellows, orange and pale blues
Frank Horton

Teamwork Award

Frank Horton & Kevin Steele*

Custodial Services Supervisors, Physical Plant

Nominated by Chris Bruns and multiple other co-workers

*Photo withheld on request

AVC Excellence Award

Space Management Team

Abe Schrump
Billy Huang
Brent Lloyd
Chad Hinman
Derek Dombrowski
Ellie Wu
Jesse Luckey Winters
Kate Larsh
Liz Fredricks
Madeline Norton
Mari Lynn Haugh
Matt Alexander
Michael Wood
Patrick Wodzinski
Rob Shively
Tom Wise

Team consists of Space Management Office employees, Facility Planning & Delivery

Nominated by FP&M leadership and multiple stakeholders

The following individuals from Space Management (pictured above) received awards: Abe Schrump, Billy Huang, Brent Lloyd, Chad Hinman, Derek Dombrowski, Ellie Wu, Jesse Luckey Winters, Kate Larsh, Liz Fredericks, Madeline Norton, Mari Lynn Haugh, Matt Alexander, Michael Wood, Patrick Wodzinski, Rob Shively, Tom Wise. Not pictured: David Gerber.

Teamwork Award

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Team

Gary Brown – Director, Laura Wyatt – Program Manager, Adam Gundlach – Field Projects Coordinator, Bryn Scriver – Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, Connor Kotte – Natural Areas Technician; Facility Planning & Delivery | Nominated by Sara Hotchkiss (Botany Professor)

Creative Solutions Award

Jeff Templin

Waste & Recycling Manager, Physical Plant | Nominated by Travis Blomberg

Above and Beyond Award

Maddie Wojciuk

Environmental Health Specialist, Environment, Health & Safety | Nominated by Jim Morrison

Customer Service Award

Zhaleh Noubari

Sr. Facility Engineer, Physical Plant | Nominated by Kristine Peterson, David Downing, Randi Smith, Dana T. Wendt, Mark Wells

Unsung Individual Award

Hagos Beyra

Custodian, Physical Plant | Nominated by Tracker Dunn

AVC Excellence Award

Don Barrette

Gate Technician, Transportation Services | Nominated by Ben Rissman and Isaac Knoflicek

Thank you for all that you do!

Teamwork Award

Custodial Crew 344: Juan Triana, Benito Monfil-Carballo, Hector Recoba, Juana Portugal, Todd Yaroch

Custodians, Specialty Crew, Physical Plant | Nominated by Sandie Bohne, FP&M

Creative Solutions Award

Kirstin Fosdal Selchow

Sr. Facilities Planning Specialist | Nominated by Missy Nergard, FP&M

Above and Beyond Award

Scott Pollen

Custodial Services Supervisor, Physical Plant | Nominated by Karen Parrillo, UW–Madison Cultural and Linguistic Services

Customer Service Award

Sue Thalacker

Customer Service Supervisor, Transportation Services | Nominated by Gretchen Olson, UW–Madison SMPH Facilities

Unsung Individual Award

Mingur Dorjee

Custodian, Physical Plant | Nominated by Chad Froh, FP&M

AVC Excellence Award

Stephen (Steve) Skinner

Gardener, Physical Plant | Nominated by William Mann, Director of UW-Madison Conference Centers and Mail Services

Thank you for all that you do for FP&M and the university!

Customer Service Award

Stuart Statz
Physical Plant Plumber

Unsung Individual Award

Dale Kraus
Environment, Health & Safety

Going Above and Beyond Award

Maria Gutierrez
Physical Plant-Custodial Services

Team Work Award

Rosalino Chavez
Physical Plant-Custodial Services

Ernesto Cruz
Physical Plant-Custodial Services

Leonardo Orea
Physical Plant-Custodial Services

Roger Dote
Physical Plant-Custodial Services

Creative Solutions Award

Peter Armstrong
Transportation Services-Customer Service

AVC Excellence Award

Daniel Beechler
Environment, Health & Safety

Special Recognition Award

EF4 Polar Vortex Team:

Derick Babler
Physical Plant-Digital Controls

Nick Yaun
Physical Plant Electric Shop

Karl Trawicki
Physical Plant Steam Fitting

Kevin Corcoran
Physical Plant Steam Fitting

Congratulations and thank you for all you’ve done for FP&M!

Customer Service Award William R. Winner
Physical Plant– Paint Shop
Unsung Individual Award Lyle Jelle
Physical Plant– Waste and Recycling
Going Above and Beyond Award Gwen E. Freiberg
Physical Plant – Custodial Services
Team Work Award Abraham A. Schrump
Space Management Office
Thomas J Wise
Space Management Office
Creative Solutions Award Duane Marlette
Physical Plant– Stores and Customer Service
AVC Excellence Award Ernesto Cruz
Physical Plant – Custodial Services

Congratulations and thank you for all you’ve done for FP&M!


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Recognition Award

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Nominating someone for a Recognition Award is an excellent way to highlight FP&M employees’ contributions, accomplishments, and service to a unit or department. This can be over time. The FP&M Employee Recognition Committee accepts nominations on a year-round basis for the annual Recognition Awards celebration.

Recognize someone’s contributions and accomplishments! Fill out the Nomination Form to nominate someone.


Employee Recognition

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the university. Recognizing employee contributions also helps solidify relationships and fosters employee engagement.

Acknowledging this, Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) has developed and implemented both a formal recognition program and encouraged informal recognition opportunities in order to actively support our employees.

About the Awards

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards are an opportunity for anyone to recognize FP&M employees, both as individuals and teams, for their outstanding contributions in providing excellence in facilities and services for our university community. These awards are supported by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Facilities Planning & Management.

The FP&M Employee Recognition Award program is the first initiative created by the Employee Recognition work team, based on their own recommendations. This collaborative effort took into account a wide range of perspectives in addition to EID survey results, including qualitative interviews and workplace best practices.

FP&M employee recognition awards fall into five categories, each of which focuses on a different aspect of excellence in facilities and services.

For more information, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Driven by Survey Results

FP&M participates in the Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity (EID) Survey every two years to provide employees with an opportunity to provide feedback about FP&M as a workplace. Recognition-related scores have improved since the first survey in 2012, but favorable ratings still hovered around 50 percent and the unfavorable ratings were some of the highest division-wide for the entire survey. These survey results prompted the FP&M EID Team to include Employee Recognition as a Key Action Item in the 2016-17 EID plan.

FP&M formed an Employee Recognition work team with representation from across the division to identify specific areas for improvement and make recommendations for initiatives aimed at recognizing FP&M employees for their contributions to the division and the university.

The Employee Recognition work team continues to lead FP&M’s employee recognition conversation to improve recognition across campus.

FP&M Divisional Recognition Team

John P. Anderson

Position title: Customer Service Associate | Transportation Services

Karen Demick

Position title: Biosafety Protocol Advisor | Environment, Health & Safety

Lauren Hawley

Position title: Marketing Specialist | Transportation Services

Marvin Hughes

Position title: Custodian | Physical Plant

Donovan Kron

Position title: Facilities Data & Reporting Specialist | Facility Planning & Delivery

John D. Lohrentz

Position title: Custodial Services Supervisor | Physical Plant

Louise Meske

Position title: Biosafety Protocol Advisor | Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S)

Alexandria Steinert

Position title: Parking Enforcement Officer | Transportation Services


See photos from the 2019 Awards and the 2020 Awards video.


Contact the Employee Recognition Team at recognition@fpm.wisc.edu.

employees seated around tables giving applause