Employee Recognition

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the university. Recognizing employee contributions also helps solidify relationships and fosters employee engagement. Recognizing this, FP&M has developed and implemented both a formal recognition program and encouraged informal recognition opportunities in order to actively support our employees.

Driven by Survey Results

FP&M participates in the Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity (EID) Survey every two years to provide employees with an opportunity to provide feedback about FP&M as a workplace. Recognition-related scores have improved since the first survey in 2012, but favorable ratings still hover around 50 percent and the unfavorable ratings are some of the highest division-wide for the entire survey.

These survey results prompted the FP&M EID Team to include Employee Recognition as a Key Action Item in the 2016-17 EID plan. FP&M formed an Employee Recognition work team with representation from across the division to identify specific areas for improvement and make recommendations for initiatives aimed at recognizing FP&M employees for their contributions to the division and the university.

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Nominations for the 2018 Recognition Awards were accepted from April 12-May 4, 2018. The 2018 nomination period is now closed. Recipients will be announced in July 2018.

About the Awards

About the Awards

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards are an opportunity for anyone to recognize FP&M employees, both as individuals and teams, for their outstanding contributions in providing excellence in facilities and services for our university community. These awards are supported by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and Facilities Planning & Management.

The FP&M Employee Recognition Award program is the first initiative created by the Employee Recognition work team, based on their own recommendations. This collaborative effort took into account a wide range of perspectives in addition to EID survey results, including qualitative interviews and workplace best practices.

FP&M employee recognition awards fall into five categories, each of which focuses on a different aspect of excellence in facilities and services.

For more information, check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Team Work

    Together we can! Recognize the collaboration of individual strengths in complementary ways to achieve a common goal.

    • Maintains effective working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and/or customers while seeking to inspire and lead by example
    • Encourages inclusion and synergy by recognizing and promoting employee strengths while being empathetic to their weaknesses
    • Recognizes the importance of collaboration, collegiality, and consensus when it comes to achieving a positive outcome or solving a problem
  • Customer Service

    Part of the solution! Recommend someone who builds positive relationships while efficiently giving the customer more than what they expect.

    • Translates information from customers into problem solving and effective communication through knowledge of their work
    • Ensures customer satisfaction and appreciation by handling customer complaints or customer requests promptly and effectively
    • Treats all internal and external customers with respect and politeness, and has a friendly attitude
    • Manages challenging customer service situations calmly and tactfully and then provides follow up communication
  • Innovation

    Creative solutions! Nominate an individual for taking an existing idea or process and making it better with creative solutions.

    • Embraces change as an opportunity for improvement and continuous learning
    • Participates in collaborative problem-solving and comes up with creative solutions
    • Ensures a safe and health campus and work environment by following established procedures and protocols for their job functions at all times
    • Demonstrates stewardship by taking a proactive approach to finding and using sustainable, effective, and efficient resources
  • Platinum

    Commitment to excellence! Acknowledge an employee who has made significant contributions.

    • Demonstrates integrity by being trustworthy, respectful, and accountable
    • Models character by selflessly and consistently working towards team achievement
    • Performs work assignments accurately and according to professional standards
    • Promotes high standards for honesty, responsibility, and perseverance
    • Helps others by sharing job-related knowledge and available resources effectively and efficiently
    • Follows through on commitments
  • Going Above and Beyond

    Exceed expectations! Honor someone for his or her contributions beyond their job description.

    • Acts in a way that positively influences the entire group or energy
    • Demonstrates the belief in the concept of “community” by going beyond what is in the job description (i.e., volunteering)
    • Takes initiative without being prompted to respond to difficult or unforeseen events


All FP&M employees are eligible for the division-wide awards, regardless of employee class or category. There is no minimum length of service required for eligibility.


Send email to recognition@fpm.wisc.edu.