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As an FP&M employee, you have access to many Professional Development resources to assist in planning for learning opportunities. On this page, you will find a variety of resources available to you.

  • UW Professional Development  – no and low cost classes available through campus
  • UW Career Development – resources to engage in career conversations, goal setting, and professional development planning
  • UW Virtual Learning – in our new normal, UW Learning and Talent Development is developing virtual opportunities for discussion, learning, and connection
  • LinkedIn Learning – as a UW employee you have access to a full library of self-study courses all through MyUW
  • Position Specific Training Tool – This page guides you to learning options for your current position, both required and optional.
  • Tuition Reimbursement – 5 steps to follow for employees who want to request tuition reimbursement from the employer

Who should you contact?

How to Request Training

There are three steps to follow for employees who want to request training and professional development to be paid by the employer. Employees who request to travel for university business, including attending learning events, must follow the same steps below.

Step 1: Identify training needs by reviewing the Position Specific Training tool and discussing options with your supervisor.  Review applicable guidance and policies based on the type of request using the FP&M Training, Conference, Membership, and Certification Guidelines and Policy document.  It is very important that you understand applicable policies and write a detailed justification – otherwise, the request may be delayed.  Requests must be completed correctly and submitted two weeks prior to the event.

Step 2: Choose and complete FP&M Request Form below corresponding with your department.  Please also refer to our travel page.

The FP&M Request Form is important – it serves the following purposes:

  1. It prompts employee’s supervisor for staff coverage during employee’s absence during training.
  2. It becomes a written record in justifying the use of university funds for professional development.
  3. It lets FP&M Human Resources handle registration and fee payments.
  4. It lets FP&M Human Resources enter professional development events into the database, which becomes employee’s professional development transcript.

Step 3: Submit the FP&M Request Form to your supervisor for approval.

Process within FP&M Human Resources

    • If approved, employee’s supervisor or authorized approver (i.e., department head) will send the signed FP&M Request Form to FP&M Human Resources (30 North Mills Street – Suite 362). Approved form can be scanned and emailed to
    • Shortly after registration and fee payment, the registration information gets entered into the training database, which generates automatic email registration confirmation.
    • Employee receives registration confirmation via email or through his/her supervisor.

How to Request Tuition Reimbursement

There are 5 steps to follow for employees who want to request tuition reimbursement from the employer.

Step 1: Determine if your course is job-related or career-related.

Step 2: Complete Employee Course Work Training Request Form once you determine it is career-related. One form per course. If determined job-related, follow the steps above to request training.

Step 3: Submit the form to your supervisor for approval and forward it onto the department director.

Step 4: Once approved by Human Resources, you may enroll in the indicated course. You must pay for tuition and fees by appropriate deadline.

Step 5: Once course is completed, submit tuition payment receipt, showing cost per credit and associated fees. Attach the receipt to e-Reimbursement form and submit.

For Your Information:

      • There are deadlines for submitting tuition request forms. Submit forms by July 1st for fall semester requests, by December 1st for spring semester requests and by May 1st for summer semester requests.
      • Employee must prove successful completion of the course, a grade report of C or greater, by submitting the Reimbursement Request for Career-Related Coursework and Training Form.
      • Refer to UW-Madison Tuition Reimbursement Policy and FP&M Tuition Reimbursement Policy.
      • Receiving tuition reimbursement might result in tax implications. Seek a tax professional regarding tuition reimbursement benefits.

We advocate and support professional development and career growth. Our menu of services include:

    1. Advertise courses and learning opportunities.
    2. Register & Pay for any fees on behalf of employees.
    3. Maintain accurate learning transcripts for employees.
    4. Identify career advancement and development opportunities.