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The people of Facilities Planning & Management are critical to fulfilling the mission of FP&M to Provide excellence in facilities and services to our university community

FP&M believes ongoing learning and development will help our organization and our people succeed.  Classes, conferences, memberships, subscriptions, licenses, certifications, and exams are all elements of professional  development and are reviewed by department leadership using the following framework:

  • Skill development based on operational and safety needs
  • Equitable access to development opportunities – free and for fee
  • Budget goals

Classes that have a fee, cost, and/or any travel for university business require a Professional Development & Travel Request Form to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to an event. Free classes do not require a form to be submitted (unless there is travel involved) but you should talk to your supervisor to coordinate time away from work.

If you will be traveling or requesting reimbursement, review the UW-Madison Business Services Travel and Reimbursement website. You may also want to take the Introduction to UW-Madison’s Managed Travel Program virtual class that educates travelers on the policy and process for arranging and being reimbursed for travel.

Check out the many different resources for professional development at FP&M below.

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Performance & development conversations with your supervisor

Includes planning for: 

UW Madison learning resources - FREE

    • Thrive@UW , Inclusion@UW and Plain Language courses prepare you to become the employee you want to be by understanding who you are and how you present yourself to supervisors, peers, and customers in a variety of contexts.  
    • Fully Prepared to Lead focuses on developing skills in personal leadership. Take the next step in your growth by building competencies that prepare you for more influence and responsibility.
    • Manager & Supervisor Training and Kauffman Seminar focuses on helping our leaders support their teams (including students!) and lead in challenging times.

*No request form required but coordinate with your supervisor

UW Madison and external learning resources - with COST

  • UW Madison Employee Career Conference provides a forum to explore ongoing professional opportunities and career satisfaction. ($25)
  • Showcase is designed to celebrate and strengthen a culture of innovation and continuous improvement at UW Madison by connecting colleagues from across campus to share best practices and learn from each other’s successes. ($25)
  • UW Madison Continuing Studies connects learners with the skills, knowledge, and people who can help you grow in your profession and in your life. ($200-$600)
  • Women & Leadership provides learning, engagement, and professional development opportunities that increases visibility and talents of women on campus. The Women & Leadership Symposium ($100) and Coffee and Conversations (free) events are open to anyone interested in the advancement of women on campus.
  • UW Madison Interdisciplinary Professional Programs offers a portfolio of professional education programs and services for engineers, managers, and technical professionals. ($345-$2500)
  • Other external learning opportunities

*These learning resources require employees to submit a Professional Development Request Form for supervisor approval at least 2 weeks prior to an event

LinkedIn Learning and Virtual Learning Opportunities

  • As a UW employee you have access to a full library of self-paced courses through LinkedIn Learning on topics such as productivity tools (Outlook, Teams, Word), graphic design (Adobe, Canva), data analytics (Excel, Tableau), communication skills, and dealing with difficult customers.
  • Virtual Learning options are available that focus on Career Development, Change Management, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Engagement, and Leadership Development.

Professional Organizations and Memberships

Professional Organizations and Memberships offer networking and profession-specific information. Check with your supervisor and peers to learn about organizations that they find value from.  Many valuable resources are free on websites but some may require membership. Memberships are subject to policy constraints, so submit a Professional Development & Travel Request Form for approval for any memberships. Examples of professional organizations that FP&M frequently engages with are: 

Who should you contact?

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How to Complete the Professional Development & Travel Request Form

There are 4 steps to request training or professional development opportunities paid by FP&M.

Reach out to Alex Zewde through the FP&M Training mailbox:, your department training specialist, or your department travel coordinator if you need help gathering documentation.

Download this guide for more information on WHY, WHEN, and HOW to Submit an FP&M
Professional Development & Travel Request Form.


  • Supervisor through Extended Leadership Team member = Under $1000 with or without travel
  • Supervisor  through Core Leader = Over $1000 without travel
  • Supervisor through Core Leader + Deputy AVC Margaret Tennessen = Over $1000 with travel
  • Supervisor through Core Leader + Training Manager; Alicia Meyer = Any Membership, Certification, License, or Exam

How to Request Tuition Reimbursement

To verify eligibility and FP&M procedure for tuition reimbursement, please read FP&M Tuition Reimbursement Policy

There are five high-level steps to follow for employees who want to request tuition reimbursement from the employer.

Step 1: Determine if your course is job-related or career-related.

Step 2: Complete Employee Course Work Training Request Form once you determine it is career-related. One form per course. If determined job-related, follow the steps above to request training.

Step 3: Submit the form to your supervisor for approval and forward it onto the department director.

Step 4: Once approved by Human Resources, you may enroll in the indicated course. You must pay for tuition and fees by appropriate deadline.

Step 5: Once course is completed, submit tuition payment receipt, showing cost per credit and associated fees. Attach the receipt to e-Reimbursement form and submit.

For Your Information:

  • There are deadlines for submitting tuition request forms. Submit forms by July 1st for fall semester requests, by December 1st for spring semester requests and by May 1st for summer semester requests, or 45 days prior to start of course.
  • Employee must prove successful completion of the course, a grade report of C or greater, by submitting the Reimbursement Request for Career-Related Coursework and Training Form.
  • Refer to UW-Madison Tuition Reimbursement Policy and FP&M Tuition Reimbursement Policy.
  • Receiving tuition reimbursement might result in tax implications. Seek a tax professional regarding tuition reimbursement benefits.

For questions, contact Kayla Ruplinger at