Work From Home/Telecommuting


Video Conferencing, Meetings, & Chat

Meet with coworkers using audio and video apps (MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx) to collaborate remotely, using any of the following methods:

 Microsoft Teams

Chat-based workspace to bring colleagues, conversations, files and tools into one place. Collaborate in real time. Communicate both one-on-one and in groups.

  • Chat instead of sending emails
  • Have a meeting remotely with your team or group

Good for: audio or video meetings with others who already have Microsoft Teams. (Any Microsoft or Office 365 account can participate)

Use via: the MS Teams app on your computer or smartphone, or via web browser.

MS Teams Resources

What is Microsoft Teams?

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Start Up MS Teams – Online via Web Browser by opening app on your computer or smartphone, or Install MS Teams

Quick Start

Teams and Channels

Create a Team from an Existing GroupWhen creating team from existing Office 365 group,  same group privacy settings (public or private) apply

Create a Team from an Existing Team

Create a Team from Scratch

Teams Live Events


Zoom is an enterprise cloud platform for video, voice, online meetings, screen sharing, chat and webinars. This enterprise web conferencing and distance learning application runs across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

  • Easy scheduling, including recurring meetings and integration with Outlook
  • Ability to have up to 49 participants on one screen
  • Breakout rooms that may be pre-assigned by the host

Good for: Video calls with up to 300 participants, breakout rooms, polling, calls with internal and external participants.

Use via: Install the Zoom app on your computer or smartphone, or via web-based Zoom viewer. Log in using single sign-on (SSN) by using your UW NetID.

– Zoom Resources

Getting Started with Zoom (UW-Madison)

UW-Madison Web Conferencing (Zoom)

Live Training Webinars for learning Zoom

WebEx (Cisco Webex)

Webex Meetings allows online meetings with anyone. Watch and attend meetings and presentations, collaborate with remote participants on team projects, and share documents.

  • Attend and present
  • Have a meeting remotely with your group or team

Good for: audio or video meetings with anyone, even if they do not have Webex meetings or if calling by phone.

Use via: The Cisco Webex Meetings app on your computer or smartphone, or via web browser.

Webex Resources

Getting Started w/Webex Meetings: Training, FAQ (UW IT)

Set Up WebEx: Installing Cisco Webex (UW IT)

Log in to Webex: Log In Online to Webex Meeting (UW-specific site)

Webex Knowledge Base (UW IT): Solutions to common issuesGO TO KB button


Set Up WebEx Meeting (Outlook)

Webex Meeting: Trouble with Audio

Introducing WebEx course (LinkedIn Learning)

WebEx Training Center (LinkedIn Learning)

WebEx Teams

WebEx Teams provides persistent chat and collaboration rooms, screen sharing and whiteboarding, on-demand video or audio meetings, meeting scheduling and file sharing.

  • Collaborate with teams
  • Use whiteboarding

Good for: Webex Teams may be a good option if you have a specific communication structure in mind for a large project or group of people, or if you’ve grown out of a space that you’ve created.

Use via: The Cisco Webex Teams app on your computer or smartphone, or via web browser.

Webex Teams – Getting Started (UW IT) – training, FAQ

Webex Teams Courses (LinkedIn Learning)

What’s the difference between WebEx Meetings and WebEx Teams? See complete list of features for both versions of WebEx.

Compare All Video Conferencing

See this Knowledge Base comparison of the above and other various video Conferencing Systems available to employees at UW-Madison:
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Share files and collaborate remotely using any of the following methods:

Google Drive

Create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings. Collaborate in real-time with your team. Go to your UW Google Drive.

See All Google Apps | See UW-Madison G-Suite
Learn about the full suite of Google collaboration tools available to UW employees.

A place to store, access, and collaborate on your files using your UW-Madison cloud file storage. Keep track of multiple versions of your documents automatically and ensure your files are stored and transferred securely.

See Box (UW IT)|See Knowledge Base (UW System)




MS Teams Quick Start Guide

Looking for one tool to stay connected? MS Teams is a one-stop-shop for chat, video meetings, file sharing, app integration.



Tips to Stay Connected, Productive and Sane While Working Remotely

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Excel Essential Training in LinkedIn

This 2 hour class can be watched in 10 minute chapters.

MS Teams + Productivity Apps = Powerful Virtual Collaboration

Access productivity apps like Trello (project organization and collaboration) and Mural (brainstorming and organizing – sticky note style!) right in MS Teams using your login.