Who are FP&M’s Divisional Disability Representatives?

Maddie Walsh
Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)
maddie.walsh@wisc.edu | 608-890-4583

Miranda Sve
Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)
miranda.sve@wisc.edu | 608-262-2243

Rebecca Rohde
Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)
rebecca.rohde@wisc.edu | 608-262-6218

Sue Fritts
Divisional Disability Representative (DDR)
sue.fritts@wisc.edu | 608-262-2692

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with access to its programs, services and facilities. This includes providing reasonable accommodations that ensure qualified applicants and employees with disabilities have equal employment opportunities.

We offer essential information, consultation, education, and referral services to employees and applicants, Divisional Disability Representatives (DDRs), and supervisors and managers to help minimize barriers in the workplace. We’re guided by our belief that disability is an important aspect of diversity, and we support full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of employment and participation at UW–Madison.

Find information about accommodations, Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and the Employee Assistance Office and Life Matters below.


If you are having difficulty successfully performing duties of your job due to limitations from a disability or medical condition, contact your Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) for a confidential conversation. Please also see UW-Madison’s Policy on accommodations.

Accommodation Forms:

If you are requesting an accommodation, please complete the appropriate Employee Disability Request Form above and turn into a DDR.

They will then provide you a form for your Healthcare Provider to fill out based on your request. Please then provide this form to DDR’s as well.

Family & Medical Leave Act

When you are unable to work because of your own serious health condition, or because you need to care for your parent, spouse, or child with a serious health condition, the FMLA provides unpaid, job-protected leave. Leave may be taken all at once, or may be taken intermittently as the medical condition requires. For more information, please visit UW-Madison’s FMLA Policy

Employee Assistance Office and Life Matters

When personal or work-related concerns become difficult to manage, UW–Madison’s Employee Assistance Office (EAO) can provide timely solutions for life transitions, physical or emotional health issues, and relationship challenges. EAO professional staff offer counseling and consultation at no cost to UW–Madison faculty, staff, graduate student employees, significant others, and family members. Services include: Personal counseling, Workplace consultation, and Well-being coaching and training.

  • The services of the Employee Assistance Office are confidential; no records are kept. Anything you discuss with the EAO consultant will be kept confidential, and will not be released without your authorization, except under special circumstances as governed by Federal and State regulations. See the Confidentiality Policy for details.
  • For more details, please visit their website.