About FP&M

The Division of Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) is a full-spectrum service organization that builds, maintains, and operates the physical environment of the UW-Madison campus in support of the university’s education, research, and outreach activities.

FP&M works behind the scenes to coordinate campus planning, manage design and construction, maintain and operate buildings and grounds, supply utility services, ensure health and safety, and provide parking and transportation services.

Our campus customers include anyone who works, studies, visits, or lives on campus.

Sphere of Operations

FP&M’s sphere of operations extends to the entire 939-acre UW campus and includes buildings and grounds, walkways and roadways, parking lots, vehicles, and utility generation and distribution systems. On the main campus, this includes 420 buildings containing more than 17 million assignable square feet (ASF) of academic and research space and more than 25 million total gross square feet (GSF). More than 120 of these buildings house major instructional and research facilities. More than 83 percent of these buildings are at least 25 years old and 79 percent are at least 35 years old. There are also more than 9,500 acres of off-campus property.


FP&M employs more than 1200 trades, service, support, and professional staff who use their diverse skills to advance a common mission: Providing excellence in facilities and services for our university community.


Our vision: An inclusive and diverse team working together to provide exceptional service for our university community.



Leadership Team

Cindy Torstveit

Position title: Associate Vice Chancellor
Facilities Planning & Management

Email: cindy.torstveit@wisc.edu

Margaret Tennessen

Position title: Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of the AVC

Email: margaret.tennessen@wisc.edu

James Bogan

Position title: Executive Director (Interim)
Physical Plant

Email: james.bogan@wisc.edu

Patrick Kass

Position title: Director
Transportation Services

Email: patrick.kass@wisc.edu

Missy Nergard

Position title: Director
Office of Sustainability

Email: missy.nergard@wisc.edu

Christopher Strang

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor
Environment, Health & Safety

Email: christopher.strang@wisc.edu

Peter Schlecht

Position title: University Architect, Assistant Vice Chancellor Campus Planning & Design

Email: peter.schlecht@wisc.edu

Ginny Routhe

Position title: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Capital Project Delivery

Email: routhe@wisc.edu


Facility Planning & Delivery

Facility Planning & Delivery consists of four integrated units:

  • Campus Planning leads UW-Madison’s long-range physical planning and landscape architecture activities, including development of the Campus Master Plan. Other stewardship includes managing the Lakeshore Nature Preserve; supporting historic and cultural resources; and addressing facility ADA issues. Campus Planning also liaisons with municipal government agencies and adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Capital Planning is responsible for developing the biennial capital budget. It produces reliable budgets for capital project costs aligned with proposed building programs, work scopes, and timelines. Capital Planning reconciles the limits and guidelines for project funding in the State of Wisconsin, the UW System Administration, and the UW-Madison gift/grant program.
  • Project Design and Delivery represents the university and serves as the project managers for the design and delivery of new facilities, additions, utility improvements, and large-scale remodeling projects, including management of all major university gift/grant-funded facilities projects. This group is also charged with maintaining campus design standards and delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • Space Management and Real Estate oversees the planning and assignment of physical spaces in support of the University’s teaching, research, and outreach mission. This group manages space allocation, analyzes usage data to promote optimal usage of campus spaces, manages real estate and lease transactions, and supports multimedia classroom technology.

Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) provides guidance, technical consultations, and expertise to the campus community in the areas of biological, chemical, environmental, engineering, radiation, and fire safety. Environmental and Occupational Health joined FP&M in FY20 and provides the additional services of food safety, water and air quality, occupational health, and associated services.

Physical Plant

Physical Plant is the largest FP&M organizational unit and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of campus buildings, grounds, and utilities. Design resources, construction by the trades, and specialized facilities services are available for departmental requests and remodeling projects on a fee-for-service basis.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services is an auxiliary operation that is self-funded through parking revenues and is responsible for the coordination and administration of all parking and transportation-related services for the campus community, including parking permits, lot operations and enforcement, fleet services, transportation planning, and the development of multimodal transportation options.


The Office of Sustainability is newly formed within FP&M and aligns research and education on sustainability with campus operations in the service of environmental, economic, and social responsibility to people and the planet.

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor

The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor provides administrative support services to all FP&M units in the areas of budget and finance, full-service business operations and purchasing, human resources, and communications.