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Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm

FP&M’s Recruitment Team is here to provide support and guidance during the recruitment and selection process. We work closely with hiring supervisors and job applicants.

What is it all about?

Our Recruitment Team’s goal is to partner with hiring supervisors to hire the right talent for each vacant position. We strive for efficiency and effectiveness to recruit well-qualified and diverse applicant pools and facilitate a selection process designed to ensure fair, open, and timely recruitment and competition.

Who should you contact?

Each recruiter is assigned to assist specific units and departments.  If you are a hiring supervisor, contact us right away if you know of any upcoming hiring opportunities. The important thing is to start the discussion and stay informed about the current process and practice of recruitment.

Joy Benz, Recruitment Manager | 608.890.2476 |

Dawn Bierman, Recruitment Specialist | 608.265.4057 |

Cinthya Canicoba, Recruitment Specialist | 608.262.6593 |

Emma DeGan,  Recruitment Specialist | 608.497.4469 |

Jason Chambers, Recruitment Specialist | 608.263.0609 | 

Passion Malotky, Recruitment Specialist | 608.890.1852 |

Recruitment, Assessment & Selection Procedures

Recruitment is a multi-step process that follows logical and linear steps.  It begins with a pre-recruitment process, involving a hiring supervisor, FP&M Human Resources and UW-Madison, Office of Human Resources.  Once a position is open for applicants to apply, we work closely with the hiring supervisor to screen applicants before the interview and assessment process.  After the interview committee selects the best qualified candidate(s), background checks and reference checks will be conducted before the job offer.  Once the job offer is accepted, the recruitment process is complete and the onboarding process begins.

Employment Categories

The majority of FP&M employees fall under the categories of University Staff or Academic Staff.  We also employ a number of Student Hourly employees throughout the year.  If you are a hiring supervisor and getting ready to fill a vacant position or wishing to create a new position, please contact our recruiters immediately.  Refer to Office of Human Resources and its policy about employment categories.

Related Resources

The forms and materials below are meant to be used by FP&M supervisors for recruitment, assessment, and selection of new employees.

Other Materials