The Policy and Procedure Development policy (available here in English, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, and Chinese) governs the development of policies and procedures affecting all of FP&M.

FP&M Employee Handbook

The FP&M Employee Handbook is a summary of importance policies and programs within FP&M.  Additional important employment information can be found on the UW-Madison Human Resources site.

Committee Participation

FP&M encourages and supports employee participation in campus shared governance groups, and other non-shared governance committees convened by the university and other appropriate government and professional organizations.

Computer Use

FP&M continually strives to improve communications with all of its employees. Creating an environment·for increased access to computers for employees who do not have regular access in their current position will help improve electronic communications within the division.

Discretionary Merit Compensation (DMC) – Pending Review

FP&M values excellence in employee effort. Classified employees may be rewarded for their exceptional work performance with additional financial compensation, as allowed by the university policy for Discretionary Merit Compensation (DMC).

Event Participation

FP&M strongly supports employee engagement and active participation in job and university events, when such involvement does not compromise the ability of FP&M to provide essential services to the university and does not disrupt the operational needs of the unit.

Guidance for Distribution of Facility Data, Documents, and Graphics Information

The purpose of this guidance is to provide FP&M employees with a process for providing access to, and distribution of, facility information, plans, data, documents, drawings and photos.

Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

FP&M has a need to maintain appropriate staffing to meet operational needs, but recognizes there are circumstances where it may be necessary for employees to take leave without pay (LWOP) if it is associated with a preapproved Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Wisconsin Family Medical Leave Act (WFMLA) situation.


It is the policy of FP&M to make offers of employment and employment decisions (e.g, hiring, promotion, evaluation, salary adjustments, etc.) based solely on the qualifications and abilities of the applicant/employee.

Supply Policy for Working from Home

(Temporary Policy)

FP&M has established temporary policy related to supplies for working from home. This policy addresses the office supply needs of currently remote working/telecommuting
employees while we await more specific campus-wide remote work policy in August 2021.

Parking Assignment

FP&M recognizes the need for personal permit parking for our employees, but also acknowledges that there is a limited amount of campus parking available. Accordingly, FP&M has developed a parking priority system for employees who wish to park on campus. While FP&M encourages other methods of transportation (car pool, bus, etc.), we also understand that is not a viable option for everyone.

Performance Management Policy

FP&M is committed to supporting all employees to meet their career and professional goals, as well as supporting the university’s need to maintain a high-performing workforce. Visit the Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) page for access, training, and more information about FP&M’s PMDP.

Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and procedures developed by FP&M will be created in a standard format using an established process for development, review and approval. FP&M policies apply to all FP&M employees.

Protective Footwear Reimbursement Policy

FP&M provides for a reimbursement of $125 per pair of protective footwear each fiscal year (July 1-June 30) to each employee that works in an area where protective footwear is required.

This policy applies to all FP&M employees who are required to wear protective footwear based on their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment.

Purchasing Card

Purchasing Cards are issued under the authority of FP&M’s Delegated Purchasing Agent, and are subject to the FP&M Purchasing Delegation Agreement terms and conditions.

Recruitment, Assessment, and Selection of Academic, Limited, and University Staff Employees

FP&M is committed to hiring the right talent to ensure that our division continues to serve a world-class institution for the physical development, construction, maintenance, and safe operation of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Our goal is to provide opportunities for talented people from all backgrounds to help us maintain a highly productive, welcoming, empowering, and inclusive community.

Transfers within FP&M – Pending Review

This policy affects all FP&M permanent status employees for transfer and reassignment transactions. As permanent positions are vacated, manager/supervisors will follow established procedures. Exceptions to established procedures may be approved by AVC or designee based on extenuating/mitigating circumstances that may include medical or ADA reasons. Note: Vacancies are open position and does not include leaves of absences.

Tuition Reimbursement

FP&M encourages its employees to pursue educational advancement leading to professional, undergraduate, and graduate level degrees or certifications and may authorize payment for coursework or trainings when budget is available. In order to ensure budgeted funds are not exceeded, proper authorization must be obtained prior to the beginning the coursework or training.

Uniform Attire

This policy affects all FP&M work units where uniforms/attire have been designated to be worn to clearly identify the person as an employee of UW-Madison.