e-Reimbursement System Upgrade and Downtime

The UW-Madison e-Reimbursement (SFS) system will undergo a significant upgrade in early October 2018.  This message contains the pertinent details of the upgrade, including the timeline, and any changes that are happening as a result of this upgrade.


Date Action
October 1 The Guided Expense Tool (GET) will be shut down the morning of Monday, October 1. GET will return to service on October 10. No updates or changes are being made to GET during this process.
October 5 SFS will be shut down for the upgrade starting at 5:00 pm on October 5. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed on October 10. No one will be able to access the system during this time. All expense reports in process as of 5:00 pm on October 5 will be sent back to the traveler.
October 10 The upgrade is complete and the system will become available.

Important: Starting on October 10, 2018 attachments will be required for reimbursements. All required receipts and other necessary supporting documentation must be attached to claim at the time of submission for all claims submitted on or after October 10, 2018.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Jodi Roberts (jodi.roberts@wisc.edu; 890-2738) in FP&M Business Operations and Purchasing.