Physical Plant Service Awards (3rd Quarter 2018)

The recipients of Physical Plant Service awards for the second quarter of 2018 have been selected.

Employee of the Quarter: Jacob Dolence (Waste & Recycling)

As a result of Jacob Dolence’s recycling efforts, Waste and Recycling increased their revenue from copper.  With hiss assistance, research justified the need for a wire stripper and in just three months, the increased revenue has already paid for the machine!  Jacob eagerly pursues the mission to increase recycling on campus and sets out to accomplish his priorities efficiently.  Thank you Jacob for your dedication and service!  Congratulations on being awarded employee of the quarter!

Team of the Quarter: Chad Hellenbrand, Paul Stacey, Melissa Marecek, James Krause & Jay Maier (Plumbing Shop)

When Dane county experienced record rains causing major flooding, this team of plumbers left their homes in the middle of the night to take care of concerns on campus.  They drove through heavy rains and flooded areas to respond to numerous flooding calls.  Once on campus, the group worked as a team responding to one call after another until all flooding issues had been addressed and stabilized.  Their quick actions prevented further damage from occurring.  The commitment they make every day to keep our campus a safe place is greatly appreciated!  Thank you for your service to our campus! Congratulations on being awarded team of the quarter!

Supervisor of the Quarter: Steve Heitz (Custodial Services)

Steve has done an amazing job completing the property control moveable capital equipment inventory.  His meticulous management of the equipment inventory and proper documentation of the disposal of aged and inoperative equipment produced 100% verification of all equipment in our inventory.  Thank you, Steve, for your hard work and dedication to make this a successful inventory – accountability is important to our service!  Congratulations on being selected supervisor of the quarter!

Consider it Done Award: Lester Romero Rodriguez (Custodial Services, 2nd Shift)

Lester went above and beyond for a customer who had lost their keys and thought they might be in the building.  As Lester was emptying the trash, he heard a sound and wondered if it could be the missing keys.  He put the bag aside and provided gloves to everyone who was searching for the keys and helped sort through the contents of the bag where the keys were found!  This is an amazing testament to service!  The committee created this additional award based on the unbelievable story of your effort.

Honorable Mentions

Patrick Humphrey, Sheet Metal Shop. Patrick has been busy inspecting and problem solving roof issues and he is an expert at problem solving the source of leaks.  He also prepares reports for the Envelope Group – Patrick takes the initiative to keep communication active between all vested parties.

Aaron Williams, Paint & Glazier Shop. Aaron is a painter assigned to remodel projects on campus.  While he manages a significant list of projects and timelines, he also manages to give a helping hand to co-workers when needed.

Kevin Olinger, Stores. Kevin has been instrumental in ordering material for a number of time sensitive projects in the last few months.  Kevin not only placed the orders, but also kept the customer well-informed.

Jess Argo, Custodial Services (2nd Shift). Jess received six different nominations!  Nominations credited Jess for being a good listener, willing to help co-workers and treating them with respect, makes sure all needed supplies are on hand, willing to teach his co-workers how the machines work, professional and motivates his co-workers. The list goes on!  Congratulations, Jess, on your promotion to lead worker.

Ngodup Dolma, Custodial Services (2nd Shift). Ngodup received two nominations.  Ngodup always completes her tasks and keeps her building clean and tidy!  She has a beneficial knowledge of chemicals and equipment.

Bob Burmeister, Electric Shop. During an auditorium re-lamping job, Bob was keen to point out safety concerns with the scaffolding setup.

Physical Plant Lock Shop. The Lock Shop rekeyed a building in one day!  They were very professional and helpful.  They also checked in the next day to finish a few problem areas.  Great Job!

Ed Corcoran, Aaron Petrowski, Lawrence Martin, Marcella Otter, Pete Dahl, Dan Becker, Pete Miller, Adam Kundert, Jay Maier, Steamfitters, Plumbers, DDC Group. When an electrical outage during the Labor Day weekend caused problems in the chilled water distribution system, this team dedicated themselves to finding a resolution to restore all systems to normal function.

Solanyi Brito Maldonado, Gloria Gonzales, Stephen Cook, Custodial Crew 201 Project Team. This team is well ahead of their floor work schedule for 2018.  The floors have been maintained and kept looking in excellent condition!