Assetworks is coming!

Assetworks—our new Integrated Workplace Management System—is coming!

Last week, we held a series of special meetings for FP&M employees who will begin using Assetworks when it goes live on June 23, 2019.

At each of these meetings, we talked about why we are implementing Assetworks, how it will improve our ability to provide great service to our campus customers, and how it fits into FP&M’s strategic plan. There was also a live demonstration of the Assetworks software that many FP&M employees will use as part of their daily work. This provided a quick overview of the new software and processes; in-depth training will take place in the coming months.

We wanted to make sure that all FP&M employees have the opportunity to learn about the Assetworks implementation, so we also recorded one of these sessions. We encourage you to watch it here.

Please keep an eye on your email, and look for ASSETWORKS in the subject line. We will be sending updates about the Assetworks implementation each week as we move toward the go-live in June.