Assetworks: Transition and Training Update

FP&M employees:

Assetworks—our new Integrated Workplace Management System—is coming! The first phase will go live on June 23, 2019.

  • Initially, some units in FP&M will be using Assetworks every day (frequent users) while others will use it for reporting or for entering work requests (less frequent users).
  • All FP&M employees who will use Assetworks will receive training based on the way their unit will use the software.
  • Supervisors of the frequent-user groups have already started meeting with their groups to discuss the transition to Assetworks.
  • Next week, individuals in frequent-user groups will begin meeting with the Assetworks team so that they can learn more about Assetworks and help others in their units with the transition.

Thank you for working with us to transform and improve the way FP&M serves its campus customers.