Assetworks: An Employee Interview, Office Hours, and a Video

Assetworks will change how FP&M does business in many different ways. Martin Russell, Maintenance Mechanic Superintendent, is new to Assetworks just like everyone else at FP&M.

Martin explains one way Assetworks will help FP&M as we move forward. “Right now, if an air handler is giving us problems, and we are not sure of the cause, we might end up making an educated guess and replace more than what is needed,” says Martin. “After Assetworks is implemented, I will have clear information about when each part was last replaced or maintained, as well as the air handler’s entire maintenance history. This will make pinpointing the specific problem much easier.”

Martin also attended the recent Assetworks Annual User’s Conference. “It was a good opportunity to network with others around the country that are using the software, ” says Russell. “We have just begun to understand what Assetworks can do.” He also noted that, “Everybody needs to participate to make the implementation successful.”

Martin definitely hits the mark with these comments. Successful implementation will require broad participation and allow FP&M to make significant improvements in the way that we operate and serve our campus customers.

Office Hours

Anjali Sridharan is holding drop-in office hours at the Service Building to answer your questions about Assetworks and how FP&M will use the system.

For the current schedule, visit:

Introductory Video

The Assetworks team has created a brief video that provides a high-level introduction to Assetworks and the benefits it will provide to FP&M and our campus customers. I encourage you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to watch the video.

To watch the Assetworks introduction, visit: