An “organized dance” when it snows: Grounds staff in the news

A Grounds crew member drives a green and yellow piece of snow removal equipment that moves snow off a wide sidewalk in front of a campus building.
Photo by Bryce Richter / UW–Madison

Anton Slobounov, Bob Bonner, Scott Schuette, Ellen Agnew and other crew members were featured in a UW News article. Earlier this month, the crew was shadowed by a writer and photographer who reported on the ways FP&M staff clear snow and ice to keep campus safe, while minimizing salt usage.

FP&M Services staff aim to clear all bike paths, walkways and roads within 24 hours. On a campus with 60 bus stops, 60 miles of sidewalks, 13 miles of roads and 100 parking lots spread over 936 acres, this requires yearlong preparation and sometimes, working at all hours. Read more to see the team in action.