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Engagement, Inclusion, and Diversity

The Division of Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) is committed to increasing employee engagement and inclusion and leveraging diversity in support of the FP&M mission, vision and core values.


Employees feel valued by their organization, find pride and personal meaning in their work, and are willing to go “above and beyond” for their employer.


Employees have a sense of belonging and of being respected for who they are and as a contributing member of the team. Barriers to contribution and negative biases are eliminated, allowing employees to feel respected and give their personal best.


Employees possess the range of human qualities that impact and influence how people are perceived and how they behave, including (but not limited to) age, gender, race, ethnicity, color, physical and mental attributes, sexual orientation, marital status, spirituality, education, values and beliefs. To capitalize on diversity, the work environment must allow the organization to leverage the strengths and talents of all staff.

Divisional EID Team

To align with the division’s mission, vision and core values, the FP&M Engagement Inclusion and Diversity (EID) team is a cross section of employees representing all departments within FP&M, as well as a variety of employment categories within the division. This team works to:

  • Ensure employees understand the role of FP&M and the importance of their individual jobs in supporting the mission of FP&M and UW-Madison.
  • Improve connections and communication across the organization.
  • Strengthen relationships between management and staff to create a positive work climate.
  • Create an environment of respect and inclusiveness.

Latest EID News

FP&M Divisional EID Team

Terry Boehner

Capital Planning & Development

Karen Demick

Environment, Health & Safety

Carrie Ensrud

Environment, Health & Safety

Sue Fritts

Human Resources

John Hanson

Physical Plant

Jenn Hekman

Office of the AVC

Donovan Kron

Physical Plant

Melissa McGaw

Physical Plant

Nic Motl

Physical Plant

Laura Peterson

Transportation Services

Rob Shively

Space Management Office

Top Tantivivat

Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture

Margaret Tennessen

Office of the AVC

Steve Wagner


Dar Ward

Transportation Services

To contact the FP&M Divisional EID Team, send email to