Shout-Outs – May 25, 2023

See shout-outs for Ben Brindley and Aaron Petrowski and staff coordinating the ice arena response, Megan Fry, Denise LaBudda, Dennis Rodenburg, Ryan Pingel; Todd Sanford, Dan Ward, Kevin Krantz, Andrew Thurlow, Alex Estelmann and Jeremy McIntyre; Phil Friend, Joe Sanabria, Mike Clough, Chris Bondurant, and Ed Butrymowicz (Machine Shop); Scott Hewitt, Victor Lombardino, Dave Mathews, Jerry Meise, Thomas Porter, Gannon Piernot, Shane Milleur, Brad Schenkel, Jerry Smith, and Ellen Agnew; Grounds, Transportation Services, Campus Services; Jonathan Bronk; Sue Thalacker, Crew 220; Tim N from Stores; and Jaime Cervantes

Shout-Outs – March 15, 2023

See the shout-outs for Kim Rantanen-Day; Jamilette Perez-Albino; Custodial Crew handling 21 N. Park; Patrick Scott; Karen Demick; Tom Staskal; Grounds, Custodial and anyone else who fights the snow; Physical Plant and EH&S; Plumbing Shop (Eric Luedeman, Chad Hellenbrand, Pete Dahl, and others); and Andrew Powers, Paul Jasenski, Paul Trgovich, and Jeff Watson