Shout-Outs, January 18, 2023

See the Shout-outs for: Staff that cleared snow, Ji Young Yeo, Lynn Sadler, Select Agent AROs, OBS Managers, Ankit Rajbhandari, Sandy Hamer, Bill Minser, Jeff Selinske and Steve Nampel, Tony Ring; Customer Service, DDC, Maintenance Mechanics, and Steamfitter Shop staff; Monte Haufle, Tradespeople/Project Delivery/O&M/Facilities Management, Radiation Safety

Shout-Outs, November 9, 2022

See shout-outs for Luis DelAngel; Physical Plant teams; Jason Kauffold, Ram Khati, Luis Calamaco, Jeff LaBelle, Justin Wells, Ebrima Darboe, Imelda Vega, Benito Monfil, Marisela Alvarado, Rodolfo Rodriguez, and Marcia Jimenez; and the Plumbing shop and EHS team