FP&M Outstanding Campus Partner Award Nomination

New this year: An award just for our campus partners! 

At the 2024 Employee Recognition Awards event, a campus partner will receive a new award for their collaboration with or support of FP&M.

icon: yellow star outlinePurpose: This award recognizes UW-Madison individuals or groups that have worked in partnership with FP&M to improve the campus community, advance UW-Madison strategic priorities, and/or support the FP&M organization and its workforce.

The FP&M Outstanding Partner Award may recognize:

  • A collaborative relationship with FP&M that has resulted in an improvement for the campus community.
  • A partnership with FP&M on a project that supports the division’s strategic priorities.
  • Services provided that support FP&M’s people, places and/or projects.

This award will be given out at the FP&M Employee Recognition Awards.