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Help us become more familiar with one another and put a face to the name! Please upload a photo using the form on this page.

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How to take a more Professional-looking Photo

Use these five tips to get a better photo of yourself:

  1. Prepare for the photo: choose a time when you are relaxed and ready to smile. The goal is a pleasant or neutral expression. 
  2. Use your computer’s web camera or a smartphone to take the photo. 
  3. Make sure your face is well-lit from the front and/or side of the room. Avoid using flash.
  4. Avoid backlight (sources of light such as a window or lamp behind you.) It is hard to see one’s face when backlit. 
  5. Choose neutral backgrounds (solid colors rather than busy patterns.) Also try to avoid clutter behind you that might be visible in the photo. 

Lastly, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect!