FP&M 2016 Employee Survey

Margaret Tennessen, Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor

On behalf of the FP&M Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity (EID) team, I am very pleased to report that FP&M achieved a 70 percent participation rate for the 2016 Employee Survey. While this is down somewhat from the 2014 rate (85 percent), the overall participation rate for all divisions was only slightly higher (74 percent). FP&M can feel good about this participation rate.

FP&M expects to receive the preliminary survey results by the end of March. The FP&M EID team will be developing a plan for sharing these results with all FP&M employees later this semester once the complete reports are available.

AVC Bill Elvey and I would like to thank the FP&M EID team, Christy Plautz, and all the supervisors and volunteers (Iisted below) who helped coordinate the distribution of surveys to 1100 employees across three shifts. We would also like to thank everyone that participated in this year’s employee survey as we continually improve how we work together effectively to serve the campus community.

Special thanks to Ron Pond for the use of his office.

For more information about the FP&M Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity program, visit eid.fpm.wisc.edu.