Physical Plant Service Awards (2nd Quarter 2018)

The recipients of Physical Plant Service awards for the second quarter of 2018 have been selected.

  • The employee and supervisor of the quarter will receive a commemorative plaque and choice of swag from our awards catalogue.
  • Team of the quarter will receive a commemorative plaque and pizza party
Employee of the Quarter: Kim Corcoran (Stores)

Kim has actively shared her skills and knowledge of the Stores processes and contributed significantly to the tidy and smooth operation of the Service Building’s receiving area.  A leader in efficiency, and always mindful of safety, she always has a great attitude and a smile as she carries out her duties with accuracy. Thank you Kim for your dedication to service! Congratulations on being employee of the quarter!

Team of the Quarter: Charter Street Heating & Cooling Plant Team

This team, which includes Tim Oppor, Ed Pena, Steve Butler, Rich Yaeger, Marty O’Neil, Ben Krause, Terry Braun, Mark Thompson, Jeff Ennis, Jeff Keller, and Harr Studebacker, met the goal of keeping total electric demand below the previously set UW monthly peak.  Facing difficult conditions, with a forecasted high of 93°F outside air temp on Friday, June 29, 2018, the team assembled a plan that included closely monitoring the UW electric demand every 15 minutes and adjusting their response as-needed.  They worked effectively as a team to create the plan, actively communicate throughout the day, adjust flows on system equipment to meet campus chilled water demand, and even performed unplanned maintenance when they experienced a gasket failure.  The team’s success and dedication to service saved the UW an estimated $42,000! Congratulations to this team and way to go on being Team of the Quarter!

Supervisor of the Quarter: Cindy Statz

Without any fanfare or need for personal recognition, Cindy tirelessly produced positive solutions to some of the most thorny problems on campus. Through Cindy’s commitment to service, she swiftly responded to a late spring decision to replace 99 window air conditioners. Outdoor air temperatures were quickly rising and suppliers were not able to keep up with our demand. Cindy quickly located loaner units and efficiently coordinated contract and shop’s efforts to complete the work. In support of the State-wide Emergency Operations “Dark Sky” exercise, Cindy revised the Physical Plant COOP and led the FP&M executive team through the pre-exercise preparation and successful participation. Without question, Cindy is one of the most dedicated Physical Plant employees always willing to take on challenges and additional duties without hesitation. This quarter has been the pinnacle of a career dedicated to service! Congratulations, Cindy on being supervisor of the quarter and thank you for all your diligent efforts keeping our campus operating.

Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to the following employees for their Honorable Mentions.

Johnathan Murphy, Paint/Glaziers Shop. Johnathan manages a constant and demanding schedule all over campus with a willingness to go above and beyond.  He recently answered the call for volunteers to handle asbestos abatement and completed is now certified with DHFS to conduct this activity safely for the University.

Stan Grudgel & Craig Mlsna, Campus Services. Stan and Craig successfully and accurately moved all accessible furniture to the designated classrooms so students with disabilities can begin the year without distractions.

Jeff Welp, Aaron Gilmore & Devin Hessler, Grounds. These three fathers reported for work on Father’s Day and worked in temps over 90°F, in order to clear a tree blocking the doorway to Hansen Labs.

Dave Mathews & Yandri Delgado, Campus Services. As the primary transporters of aerial lifts, they were tasked with managing and monitoring the revised Aerial Lift Program and were recently designated by UW Safety as Competent Persons for the purpose of conducting the quarterly safety inspections.

Paul Phommasack, Donald Ties, & David Stevens, Electric Shop. Paul, Donald and David is the team that covers all fire alarm related activities.  Physical Plant shops rely heavily on their abilities and expertise to handle the variety of situations that arise daily.  From emergencies to planned activities, we can count on them to get the job done!