Interim Leadership for Environment, Health & Safety

After Paul Umbeck’s retirement on January 4, FP&M Environment, Health & Safety will shift to the following interim organizational structure.

EHS interim organizational structure

  • Jason Timm (Radiation Safety) will continue to oversee the Radiation Safety unit and will also take on the supervision of some IT and engineering positions.
  • Jeff Zebrowski (Chemical Safety) will continue to oversee Chemical Safety and will also take on the supervision of the Fire & Life Safety unit.
  • Andrea Ladd (Biological Safety) will continue to oversee the Biological Safety unit and will also take on the supervision of the Biological Safety Cabinet Program and the Select Agent Program, as well as several engineering, technical, and administrative positions.
  • Mike Peña (Physical Plant—Safeguard Services) will supervise the General & Building Safety on an interim basis.
  • Tony Helmke (FP&M Chief Financial Officer) will supervise EH&S financial functions on an interim basis.

Jason Timm, Jeff Zebrowski, and Andrea Ladd will report directly to AVC Darling and will meet with him regularly to ensure the smooth functioning of EH&S programs during this transition period. Mike Peña will continue to report to Jay Bieszke, Executive Director of the Physical Plant.

In addition to these changes, we have rearranged some positions so that they have more direct reporting relationships with an interim manager in order to provide them with supervisory support that aligns with their functional area.

This temporary reporting structure will remain in place until the new Assistant Vice Chancellor of Environment, Health & Safety is hired and begins work in Spring 2019. FP&M recently retained Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates to conduct the search for this important position, which will be posted publicly during the second week of December.

FP&M leadership will also meet with EH&S staff to answer questions and solicit feedback about this transition process, about the integration of UHS Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) into EH&S, and other topics related to the enhancement of safety initiatives at UW-Madison.

Employees with questions about these upcoming changes, should talk to their supervisor or manager.