Zentangle Time at 30 N. Mills St.!

Would you like to…
Increase your focus?
Increase your creativity?
Increase your self-confidence?
Increase your sense of well-being?
AND create something beautiful?

Come join our own Rhonda James of CPLA as she takes participants through the process of creating a zentangle. Chances are you’ll like it!

DATE: Wednesday, March 27th noon to 12:45pm. Room 405 (Lake)

BRING: a pencil and a fine felt-tip marker…if you have one

For those who like to read:

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns, tangles. You create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves and orbs. These simple shapes are the “Elemental Strokes” in all Zentangle art. These patterns are drawn on small pieces of paper called “tiles.” We call them tiles because you can assemble them into mosaics.

Zentangle art is non-representational and unplanned so you can focus on each stroke and not worry about the result. There is no up or down to Zentangle art. In fact, you can most easily create Zentangle art by rotating your tile as you tangle — always keeping your hand in a relaxed position. You don’t need to know what a tangle is going to look like to draw it. You just need to know the steps. The result is a delightful surprise!