New Approval Process for IT Projects

There is a new mandatory campus approval process for Information Technology (IT) projects.

This process applies to all new or modified IT projects (products, services, expenditures) regardless of scope or size. New or modified IT projects must now be reviewed and approved internally, as well as by the newly formed Administrative IT Board and the campus-level IT Center of Excellence.

AVC David Darling is the FP&M representative on the Administrative IT Board. As a member of this group, he recommends and advocates for FP&M IT proposals and projects that have been internally reviewed, vetted, and prioritized.

IT Approval Process

  1. You create a proposal using the Admin IT Project Submission Form.
  2. Your supervisor (if you do not report directly to your department director) will review the proposal and submit it to your department director.
  3. Your department director will review the proposal and, if endorsed, forward it to the Office of the AVC to the attention of Margaret Tennessen ( and Pam Zander (
  4. AVC Darling will review the proposal and, if endorsed, recommend it to the Administrative IT Board for consideration and further action at the Finance & Administration and campus levels.

AIMS staff are fully versed on this new campus approval process. Please contact AIMS if you have questions about what IT projects qualify or if you need assistance preparing the Project Submission Form.

Note: The Admin IT Project Submission Form and an example submission are available on the Inside FP&M > Forms page in the Information Technology section.

If you have questions about this new process, please speak to your supervisor.