FP&M Approval Process for In-person Meetings

The University has recently issued a new events policy that applies to all campus programs, events, gatherings, and meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: Whenever possible, campus recommends that events and meetings continue to be held virtually.

This policy allows for the resumption of some in-person gatherings with the following restrictions:

  • Each division must designate one or more people to approve meetings and events to ensure adherence to the campus policy.
  • All meetings and events must follow all campus public health protocols and current state, federal, and local guidelines, including adherence to revised room capacities based on the physical distancing guidelines outlined in the campus policy.
  • A record of attendance must be maintained.

In order to secure approval to hold an in-person meeting or event, you must follow this procedure in advance of the gathering:

  1. Complete the Meeting Approval Form and submit it for approval to the appropriate director for your unit (see below).
  2. The approving director will submit the completed form to Pam Zander (pam.zander@wisc.edu) in advance of your in-person meeting.
Department/Unit Primary Approver
Campus Planning Gary Brown
Capital Planning & Project Delivery Kip McMahan
Environment, Health & Safety Chris Strang
Office of the AVC Margaret Tennessen
Office of Sustainability Missy Nergard
Physical Plant Jay Bieszke
Space Management Office Brent Lloyd
Transportation Services Patrick Kass

Note: Both AVC Robert Cramer and Deputy AVC Margaret Tennessen serve as back-up approvers for all FP&M departments.

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