New benefit options for Building and Trades staff


You are receiving this message because you are a UW Building Trades employee. I am sending a reminder to make sure that you know about the new, more affordable health care options available to you. If you would like to take advantage of these options for 2022, now is the time to enroll in or make changes to your health insurance during the annual enrollment period, now through October 22, 2021.

Please note that after Oct. 22 you will not be able to enroll for health insurance benefits again until the next enrollment period one year from now.


A flyer that explains the benefit changes and options is available to share with any fellow tradespeople who may be interested.

What is changing and what does it mean?

More affordable health insurance is available to you.

Starting in 2022, Building Trades employees (also referred to as “Crafts Workers”) will be eligible to receive the employer share of the monthly State Group Health Insurance premium like other UW System faculty and staff. In summary:

  • UW will pay 88% of the total health insurance premium. See the costs of your monthly premiums in the table below.
  • If you’re currently enrolled in state health insurance: you will not have to pay the full premium starting in January 2022.
  • If you aren’t already enrolled in state health insurance, you must enroll by Oct. 22 in order to take advantage of the new monthly premiums in the table below.
  • Employees who decline state health insurance are able to apply for a $2,000 Opt-Out Incentive.


Table that contains Premium price information for Health Plan & HDHP and Access Health Plan & Access HDHP

What is “HDHP” Plan? What is “HSA”?

Choosing a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) option will allow you to receive the monthly state contribution towards your Health Savings Account (HSA).

  • Use your HSA to pay for out-of-pocket qualifying medical, dental, prescription and/or vision expenses. The HSA is a tax-advantaged savings account that you own and offers a triple tax advantage because contributions, distributions, and investment earnings are tax-free.
  • You decide how much to contribute to the HSA.
  • UW System will also contribute to your HSA on a per paycheck basis, effective January 1, 2022.
  • Funds in your account will roll over from year to year.
  • HSA funds are yours. You take the account with you if you leave or retire from UW.

See frequently asked questions for answers to common questions about the benefits offerings available to you as a Building Trades/Crafts Worker and visit the Annual Benefits Enrollment page and completing enrollment no later than Oct. 22, 2021.

How can I get help?

Benefits staff from FP&M Human Resources can assist you. Please email us at, or call Rebecca Rohde at 608-262-6218 and Mike Loggie at 608-263-3087.

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