Join FP&M Wellness

Text Illustration: "Help lead the way with WELLNESS at FP&M!"Would you like the opportunity to take initiative or give back?

Do you like to help others thrive?

Do you enjoy planning?

The FP&M Wellness committee is now seeking new members to join the team.

Text illustration with icons: "Career- Growth, Connection, Training, Development | Emotional - Resiliency, Safety | Environmental - Outdoors, Sustain, Place, Relationship | Financial - Personal Budget, Discounts, Planning | Meaning - Purpose, Reflection | Physical Health - Safety, Movement, Nutrition | Social Connection - Support, Events, Activities"
There are many ways to be well!

The FP&M Wellness Committee supports the overall well-being of FP&M employees by:

  • Creating opportunities for employees to explore, learn about, and enhance their health and well-being.
  • Increasing awareness about wellness supporting activities on the UW-Madison campus.
  • Identifying needs for and supporting policy and environmental changes that support wellness.

Learn more and express your interest by filling out the form on the Wellness page. You can also print and distribute a flyer to help spread the word with other FP&M employees who may be interested.