Craig Weisensel leads QA/QC

person with short spiky hair, glasses, light beard and moustache poses smiling in bright red motion W "Wisconsin" jacket outdoors in front of a rounded building exterior with windows, flowers, and light brick
Craig Weisensel. Photo by Veronika Dethart

As part of the formation of a new Capital Project Delivery department in FP&M, Craig Weisensel (he/him/his) is the new Director of the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) team.

Craig began this new role in late July 2022, bringing more than 20 years of experience managing facility projects and facilities process improvement initiatives, having most recently served as Senior Manager – Facilities Business Processes for Exact Sciences. A Badger alumnus, Craig has worked on many projects throughout the state, including projects across the UW System.

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Craig will lead the new QA/QC team in finding the best means of communication and structure throughout all FP&M departments as well as finding resources for staff to minimize time and stress on projects.

“We are working to improve how we deliver service and to increase both customer satisfaction and engagement,” said Craig. “Improvements to capital projects are intended and help everyone understand what they need to do to get from A to Z.”

Craig’s past experience working with teams on continuous improvement initiatives at both the State of Wisconsin – Department of Administration, as well as a wide range of companies has prepared him for this role leading large groups of stakeholders through these improvement projects.

Crane picking up beam, icon outlineIn addition, his previous work has helped him to take time after fulfilling a project to rejoice in his completed tasks. The most important takeaway is that continuous improvement is most successful when others are engaged in developing solutions to our challenges, acknowledging the great work that is accomplished when we work together to improve.

The new QA/QC group is designed to make a positive impact within the rapidly growing division, and Craig is focusing on making the jobs of FP&M staff easier.

“We are trying to help everybody,” said Craig. “So even if we are not specifically working with you yet, the hope is that we get to a place where we can help you out. We can be a resource, or we can find the right resources for you.”

Craig defined the QA/QC team’s mission as implementing improvements to meet customer needs through consistent delivery of services. QA/QC has two main components: Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

  • Quality Assurance is responsible for continuous improvement by developing, implementing and verifying effectiveness of processes for the benefit of Capital Project Delivery, stakeholders and customers.
  • Quality Control monitors execution of approved QA processes, to verify projects are completing QC through, project initiation reviews, design reviews, commissioning plans and handover plans.
person in bright red stands outdoors near UW "W" brick post on an autumn day
Craig Weisensel. Photo by Veronika Dethart

One of Craig’s first projects is creating a roadmap with tools to help each department create executive summaries and dashboards that are easy to understand and enable collaboration across the overall division. Long-term, he aims to understand FP&M and what best represents its goals so he can set new targets. This will entail creating customized tools and solutions that specifically work for FP&M and UW-Madison.

Craig is excited to initiate this role and help others who make significant differences on campus.

“I enjoy working with all the people at FP&M that provide spaces to the researchers and students and the diversity of projects and buildings at UW,” said Craig.

“If I haven’t worked with you yet, I hope to work with you in the future. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’m really here to help everybody the best I can”.

by Ariella Breyer