Save the date: FP&M Employee Recognition Celebration 2024

Are you ready to celebrate all you have done to keep campus running over the past year?

The FP&M Employee Recognition Awards showcase diverse, noteworthy contributions and staff selected from a roster of nominations by their peers, FP&M colleagues and the campus community.

All Facilities Planning & Management employees are invited to join us at the 7th annual FP&M Employee Recognition Awards Celebration held on Tuesday, July 16 (daytime) and Wednesday, July 17 (nighttime). Enjoy refreshments, visit with coworkers and celebrate your great work at this fun annual event!

Save the date!

Morning, First Shift | July 16, 10-11:30 a.m.

Late-Night, 2nd & 3rd Shift | July 17, 11 p.m.-12:30 a.m.

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Select one of the times above to download an appointment file that you can add to your calendar.

  • Attend the afternoon or nighttime session during your normal work hours.
  • Employees may remain in pay status while attending. Please confirm and communicate with your supervisor.
  • The daytime event will be in English. The late-night event will be in English with CLS language services available in Hmong, Tibetan, Nepali, Chinese, and Spanish.
  • The events will be held at Gordon Dining and Event Center.

The Employee Recognition Team is pleased to celebrate seven years of FP&M Employee Recognition! This initiative began as a result of feedback from past employee engagement, inclusion, and diversity surveys, resulting in an employee-led work group that helps drive our division’s culture of recognition.

Awards are just the beginning

This year, the Recognition Team received 86 award nominations. The event will recognize all of the individuals and teams who were nominated, and the everyday contributions that FP&M employees make to our campus.

Five annual Awards recognize employees for their outstanding contributions over time.
Icons with text from Left to Right: "Teamwork" below connected puzzle pieces icon; "customer service" below chat bubbles with a smiley mouth and eyes inside; "Going Above and Beyond" with a mountain icon with a flag at the peak; "Unsung Individual" sits below a spotlight with beam of light shining downward icon; "Creative Solutions" sits below a roll of paper, protractor, and pencil

Awards include:

  1. Teamwork Award – Recognizes a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal.
  2. Customer Service Award – Recognizes a person who builds positive relationships and gives customers more than what they expect.
  3. Going Above and Beyond Award – Recognizes a person for contributions beyond their job description.
  4. Unsung Individual Award – Recognizes a person who has made significant everyday contributions to their workplace and UW–Madison.
  5. Creative Solutions Award – Recognizes a person who uses inventive solutions to improve ideas or processes.

Recognition is every day

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to recognize and thank FP&M employees this year

Whether it was submitting your nomination, sending a shout-out to fellow workers, or, most importantly, through your everyday words and actions to recognize others.

We are looking forward to seeing one another and celebrating the great work of FP&M employees this July!

FP&M Employee Recognition Team:
Karen Demick (co-chair)
Eduardo Fuerte-Espindola
Lauren Hawley
Chad Hellenbrand
Donovan Kron (co-chair)
Johnny Lohrentz
Louise Meske
Kevin Steele
Alexandria Steinert