Emily Muzzillo named new Director of Radiation Safety

Woman smiles at the camera wearing a cardigan.
Emily Muzzillo

Emily Muzzillo (she/her/hers) has been named as the Director of Radiation Safety/Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The role is part of the FP&M Environment, Health & Safety department, which is led by Assistant Vice Chancellor Chris Strang. She transitioned into the role June 2, 2024.

In her new role, Emily will broadly be responsible for ensuring the safety of those using radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines. She will be determining compliance with radiation regulations, overseeing employee training programs about proper equipment use and material handling, coordinating the radioactive waste disposal process, supervising decontamination efforts and more.

“I am most excited about focusing on some gaps in our program to be more proactive instead of reactive,” Emily said. “Even with the hard work of our group, this is a constant struggle when working in a compliance focused world.”

A few of the main projects Emily has been tackling include creating a more robust x-ray and laser safety program and updating some of the training materials to ensure best safety practices. Being RSO allows Emily to stop unsafe operations in a timely manner to serve the health needs of the campus, the hospital and all employees.

Emily previously served as the Interim RSO in October 2023 succeeding Jason Timm she was also employed as a Health Physicist and Associate Radiation Safety Officer with EH&S since 2017. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nuclear medicine technology with minors in biology and chemistry from UW–La Crosse and a master’s in public health from Benedictine University.

“Based on her previous clinical and regulatory experience, as well her familiarity with the people and programs at UWMadison and UW Health, Emily is uniquely qualified to step into this role,” Chris said.

In addition, Emily said, “I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with a great team within the Office of Radiation Safety, across campus and at the hospital.”

Please join us in congratulating Emily on her new role.