Relocation/Move FAQs

Move FAQs

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Why are we moving?

The removal of the Service Building and Service Building Annex was identified in the Campus Master Plan to make way for a new Computer, Data and Information Sciences building. We are proceeding with planning for this now, with removal anticipated in 2022. This requires the relocation of a substantial portion of the Physical Plant, as well as Business Operations and Purchasing. It also impacts a number of other groups on campus.

What's the plan? Who is affected?

The plan that we are implementing is intended to keep Physical Plant shops on campus, employ a mix of remote and hybrid work for several divisions, and be complete in under 12 months. This will allow Physical Plant and other affected units to continue to provide the highest level of service to our campus customers.

We expect that these relocations will also create a number of downstream effects:

  • Physical Plant units currently housed in the Service Building and Annex are expected to move to 30 N. Mills Street, 45 N. Charter Street, and the Environmental Health & Safety Building (30 East Campus Mall).
  • Some FP&M units currently housed at 30 N. Mills Street,  333 East Campus Mall, WARF and the Environmental Health & Safety Building will move to 21 N. Park Street.
  • FP&M is working closely with the other campus units in affected buildings to consolidate their spaces and shift to some hybrid and remote work in order to maximize available space for their operations and for incoming FP&M units.
  • Some FP&M employees who have been working remotely will likely continue to work remotely or in a hybrid model.
  • All affected employees will have a home on campus, though employees working remotely some or all of the time may be assigned shared space.

While the details of these plans remain subject to change, this general framework for relocating FP&M units now positions us to quickly move forward with the relocation plans for specific units.

Are we on-time?

Thanks to the dedication, flexibility and teamwork of our FP&M colleagues and UW partners, the relocations are on schedule.

Why am I being asked to pack up earlier than my scheduled move date?

Due to the interrelated nature of the FP&M relocations, many dates are subject to change. The original schedule was created to facilitate the construction schedule, while minimizing disruptions. However, there are benefits to moving parts of the relocation earlier, and having employees ready to move out earlier will help our staff maintain an agile, flexible approach.

After I pack up, what's next?

Thank you for packing and purging! The next steps vary by unit, but you should plan to work in the same modality you’ve been using until you are notified otherwise. Materials packed to be moved will be stored until your unit moves.

Where can I learn more?

Right here. Updates, event notifications, helpful tips and details will be posted on the FP&M Relocation Hub as they become available.

In addition to this website, watch your inbox. You can expect email communications from FP&M leadership, your supervisor, your move coordinator and more. Additionally, a series of town halls will be held soon to provide more details, answer questions and seek feedback from you.

I have been told I am working remotely at least part of the time, due to the relocation. Do I need to fill out a Remote Work Agreement?

Yes, please work with your supervisor and Human Resources to submit your Remote Work Agreement by August 31.

Do we think the hybrid work model will continue for the foreseeable future?

Yes, the hybrid work model will continue for the foreseeable future. The Computer, Data, Information and Sciences building, which affects the space available for FP&M, is scheduled to be completed in December 2024. The hybrid work model may continue after that time frame, depending on campus need and how this pilot goes.

My unit is moving into a new space. What's being done for COVID-19 protocols?

All spaces receive a top-down cleaning before a new unit occupies a space. This includes wiping down, vacuuming and setting up workspaces. All FP&M spaces are cleaned on the regular campus schedule.

To learn more about HVAC guidance in campus buildings, check out these FAQs.

How do we reserve a workspace/hoteling space, and how much in advance can we do this?

The workspace reservation system is still in progress. The reservation system has been approved and a Workspace Scheduling Coordinating Group is working to define workspace scheduling requirements and the initial scope and schedule for implementation. Watch The Relocation Hub for updates!

How will we know where employees are located? How do we find them?

Building directories will be installed as part of each relocation, but in the meantime (and with hybrid and remote work in mind), please check in with your coworkers to see where they are and the best way to meet with them (in-person, online, etc.).

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