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  • A new home for all floor plans

    As you may be aware, the FP&M relocations are an evolving, interconnected series of moves, consolidations and changes to work modality. Some of us are piloting a new way to work, while others are moving …

  • 21 North Park floor plans available

    As the future inhabitants of 21 North Park are busy packing and purging for their next step in the relocation process, the general floor plans for 21 North Park are available to give you a …

  • Understanding FP&M Relocation Lingo

    What's the difference between a hotel and a free address? What, exactly, does hybrid mean? And, most importantly, where do I go?

  • Welcome to the Relocation Hub!

    The FP&M move is one of the largest undertakings we’ve taken as a division, together. It affects each one of us — perhaps you’ve been busy packing up your belongings, or maybe you’re meeting with …

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