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Who is moving where?

Take a look at the current Physical Plan move plan or look at the shop directory.


  • Where can I find …

    With Physical Plant undergoing many relocations, it can be difficult to know where to find your colleagues. Now, there’s a new tool to find where each shop is currently located. Check out the Current Physical …

  • Work on access to 21 North Park week of January 3

    Campus is changing from an Andover access/keycard system (what we use to access buildings and the insides of buildings) to a new Lenel system. Nothing about your access or what you use to access buildings …

  • A new home for all floor plans

    As you may be aware, the FP&M relocations are an evolving, interconnected series of moves, consolidations and changes to work modality. Some of us are piloting a new way to work, while others are moving …

  • 21 North Park floor plans available

    As the future inhabitants of 21 North Park are busy packing and purging for their next step in the relocation process, the general floor plans for 21 North Park are available to give you a …

  • Understanding FP&M Relocation Lingo

    What's the difference between a hotel and a free address? What, exactly, does hybrid mean? And, most importantly, where do I go?

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