Welcome to the FP&M Position Specific Training Tool. This page guides you to learning options for your current position – both required and optional.  While we have outlined all required training and the most commonly requested optional courses, we recognize that this list is not exhaustive and you and your supervisor may identify additional skills or competencies that need to be developed. 

In addition to classes, some optional recommendations will be websites, articles or professional organizations that provide valuable resources for building professional expertise.  Check with your supervisor and peers to learn about options that may not be listed here.  You can also use this tool to explore training requirements for other positions as you look toward development opportunities. 

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Use the dropdown below to choose a department. Once you have chosen a department, the job titles in that department will be added to the page in a dropdown. When you choose a job title from the new dropdown, a list of trainings for that job title will be added to the page.

The list of trainings includes a set of filters that you can use to filter trainings by category and whether the training is required or optional. As filters are selected, the list of trainings will automatically update to show only those that match the selected filter(s).

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