SMO Leadership Transition

After Doug Rose’s retirement, Deputy Associate Vice Chancellor Margaret Tennessen will serve as Interim Director of the Space Management Office (SMO) until a permanent replacement is found. She will work with Brent Lloyd to manage matters related to space allocation and analysis, real estate, and leasing and   with Tom Wise for issues related to classroom planning and management.

A Search and Screen Committee has been formed to identify the next director of the Space Management Office. Committee members include Scott Owczarek (Office of the Registrar); Eden Inoway-Ronnie (Office of the Provost and Space and Remodeling Policies Committee (SRPC) chair); Scott Hildebrand (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration); Petra Schroeder (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education); Doug Sabatke (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences); Eric Williams (Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement); Pam Barrett (FP&M–Physical Plant); Meredith Smith (FP&M–Human Resources), and FP&M Deputy Margaret Tennessen (chair).