Assetworks: System Testing and Employee Training

The Assetworks implementation continues to make steady progress toward its June 23 go-live.

  • During the period of April 17—May 3, representatives from each of the frequent-user groups are scheduled to test Assetworks in order to review the functionality and identify issues. The testing process is working very well. We have identified a number of minor adjustments that will optimize Assetworks before it goes live. Testers have also provided valuable feedback about how to more effectively train users.
  • The Assetworks team will contact units to schedule training beginning the week of May 6. Assetworks training will begin on May 27 and extend through the end of June.
  • The Assetworks team is working with supervisors and others on issues related to iPhone and iPad use with Assetworks. More information will be available next week.

Questions about the Assetworks rollout? Please contact Anjali Sridharan (

FP&M Human Resources is also providing a series of training sessions in April and May to support the Assetworks implementation.

  • University Staff employees will be trained on how to enter work hours and absences in Time Tracker. Departments will be scheduled through their supervisor. Contact Alicia Meyer ( with questions.
  • Technicians from AIMS will be at the Service Building and 30 N. Mills to offer one-on-one and lab sessions for anyone who has questions about the basic setup and usability of their new iPhones and iPads. Schedules will be coordinated with supervisors.

Thank you for working with us to transform and improve the way FP&M serves its campus customers.