Snow Shoveling Safety


Shoveling snow can be a strenuous activity, but many people want to hurry to get the job done. Rushing through it is not the answer!

Please be aware there is potential risk of strain or serious injury with this wintertime duty.

Good news: there is a better way to prepare for your next snow shoveling session:

  1. Use stretching exercises to warm up and loosen muscles
  2. Use the right shovel
  3. Use good technique to minimize health risks
    • Lift by lowering your hips and using your legs
    • Avoid twisting your back
    • Pivot the whole body
    • Push the snow to one side, rather than lifting it (whenever possible)
    • Try not to throw snow (this increases the chance of injury from twisting)
    • If lifting the snow is absolutely necessary, keep abs drawn in and back flat



Be careful out there!

Enjoy all that the “winter wonderland” has to offer, in safety and comfort.

Photo of Mike Pena

Michael Peña
Associate Director–Safety Management
Occupational Safety Officer