WFH Photos – April 15, 2020

FP&M telecommuters tell tales of this interesting new circumstance, with a glimpse into their work-from-home/telecommuting situations.

Is this seat taken?

– Sven Lysloff – Physical Plant/Digital Controls Group   



Couch Company

Piper and Hazel!

– Avelene Adler, EHS/Occupational Health



Spooky-Cool Turkey Vultures

Five turkey vultures appeared in the backyard…

– Pam Zander, OAVC



Conference Call Adjustment

Halli is not lap dog size though she tries. This can make teleconferencing “ruff”!

– Amanda Venturino, EHS/Animal Research Safety



Making it all happen

HR makes it happen.

Sue Fritts, OAVC/Human Resources

Office Mates

The retriever is Marco, recently adopted from the Dane County Humane Society. The chihuahua is Ginger who was also adopted from the Dane County Humane Society but several years ago.


– Kathy Krasny, EHS/Biosafety




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