WFH Photos: April 30, 2020

FP&M telecommuters tell tales with a glimpse into their work-from-home/telecommuting situations.

In-Demand Work Station

I am sharing my current workstation as I telecommute. I probably have the most in-demand work station around!

– Sue Thalacker, Transportation Services




Traveling I’m doing these days: views from the office.

– Kayla Ruplinger, OAVC/HR




Today my co-worker interrupted a Webex meeting by attacking the pull string on my hoodie.

– Andrea Ladd, EHS



Bored Assistants

My assistants, bored while I am on a conference call. Blossom (black one) and Koa (liver one) my two German Shorthaired Pointers,

– Carrie Ensrud, EHS



Karma has volunteered to help out with FP&M’s Purchasing activities. However, these spreadsheets tire her out.

– Dave Teske, OAVC


Attic Vibes

The only unoccupied space in the house becomes my office. At least there’s a window in the attic.

Kelly O’Loughlin, OAVC



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