Shout-Outs—April 30, 2020




Circumstances change quickly these days. This is the time when the employees at FP&M shine. Here are some shout outs to those who have been going above and beyond.

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BOP Team

Shout out to Business Operations (BOP) team for Physical Plant Assetworks billing having an error-free cycle
– Tony Helmke

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Curt Nowlen

Shout-out to Curt Nowlen for responding quickly to an after-hours call to repair an electronic garage door so Preserve vehicles and equipment would be safely stored overnight.

It had been a long, damp day, and being greeted with a smile and a can-do attitude was so appreciated.
Laura Wyatt

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Ryan Schmelzer and Lee Haase

Shout Out to Ryan Schmelzer and Lee Haase for tracking down the switch to control the lighting in the Law School atrium!

No switch or circuit breaker could be found anywhere close to the atrium, but they continued their search and were successful!
Vicky Coulter

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Shaun Frey/Facilities Engineers

Thanks to Shaun Frey and the Facilities Engineers for getting the main chiller operational at The Lowell Center. You had to jump through numerous hurdles to get this accomplished in a very tight time period and your efforts are highly appreciated!
Conference Centers & Mail Services

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Todd Luellen and Shinar Heider

Appreciation goes out to Todd Luellen and Shinar Heider from Electric Shop for identifying an error in a wiring assessment for a lab upgrade that resulted in a great deal of saved time and money. Nice work!

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Custodial Staff

Thank you Custodial Staff for your efforts in keeping campus clean during this period of uncertainty. Your help does not go unnoticed!
– Animal Science building Staff, who posted signs throughout the building

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Billy Winner

Billy Winner is recognized for his help installing a glass whiteboard while the Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement office has been directed to stay at home. They are extremely happy with the results and can’t say enough about how much they appreciate his work!


Are there employees from your unit that have not been recognized? Send a shout-out of your own! Submit it (with photo or video message, if available) to be featured on Inside FP&M and in an upcoming Employee Newsletter.