ATP Updates (May 2020)

The ATP program leaders are sharing highlights from the ATP Ambassador Meeting: May 20, 2020 | See Slides 

Highlights & Key Takeaways

Because of the unknown financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UW, the Administrative Transformation Program (ATP) plans to seek approval for advancing ATP at the October Board meeting.

  • ATP Preplanning Phase extended through 2020, allowing us to engage with groups across the UW System and using the extra time to thoughtfully focus efforts within all functional areas. This will include:
    • Understanding the complexities surrounding the switch to accrual accounting
    • Developing a more modern strategy for effort reporting
    • Establishing a comprehensive understanding of policy requirements and opportunities to make preliminary policy changes

In response to President Cross’s blueprint for UW System, ATP is refining its phasing strategy.

  • SI RFP: As a result of extended preplanning, a clarification has been issued for the software-agnostic planning phase
  • Vendor proposals are now being reviewed (ERP)

What’s Changed

  • RAMP: an RFP has been issued; responses were due June 1.
  • QA (Quality Assurance) Vendor: proposals have been reviewed; two vendors invited for interview
  • Policy: The team is currently examining System-wide policies that may influence ATP’s business process redesign.
  • Finance: the team is developing its recommendation for accrual accounting.

System-wide benefits realization

What are the benefits of ATP and how does it achieve them?

The Goal: Introduce efficiencies through standardized processes.

How can it be achieved? The ATP team will use metrics and measurable outcomes to track the program’s success and provide accountability. In this framework, related benefits (beneficial outcomes) are aligned to various UW groups affected by ATP, from end users to the university level.

See examples of Benefits Realization in ATP ambassador meeting slides 22-27.

Quick Review: What is ATP?

ATP the University of Wisconsin’s proactive response to the rapidly evolving higher education landscape. The overall objective is to right-size the administrative complexity to support the UW System’s missions of education, research, and outreach. Doing ATP correctly will involve a transformation with people and on policies and processes supported by technology.


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