Centralized Purchasing of COVID-19 PPE in FP&M Units

FP&M has created a centralized process for purchasing of COVID-19 PPE such as single-use disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and other COVID-related supplies.

If you need these kinds of supplies in your unit, please keep these things in mind:

  • Each department has a designated contact for purchasing COVID-related PPE. Be sure to work with the designated buyer in your area.
    • Physical Plant: Kim Corcoran and Becky Barnes
    • Transportation Services: Anne Bogan
    • Environment, Health & Safety: Todd Yanke
    • Facility Planning & Delivery, Office of Sustainability, and the Office of the AVC: Pam Zander
  • Personal purchases of cloth face coverings are not reimbursable.
  • Do not use a Purchasing Card (P-card) to purchase any kind of face covering.

For more information, contact FP&M Business Operations & Purchasing (fpmbop@fpm.wisc.edu).