Academic Staff: How to Log Furlough

Could you use a quick refresher on logging your furlough and leave? You’ve come to the right place.

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Furlough Reminders

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  • Academic Staff are able to record furlough in one-hour increments
  • Furlough should be entered as soon as it is taken
  • Furlough entry and approval deadlines apply to each month. See “Timing” below
  • Maximum of 1 furlough day per work week (Sunday-Saturday)

How to Enter Furlough and Leave (Academic Staff)

Video screen with Play button; "FP&M Payroll" Logging Furlough for Academic Staff"

Watch this helpful video (5 minutes) and follow along, or continue below for instructions.


Academic Staff employees who are paid monthly must enter all time and absences through MyUW. This includes two parts: Part 1) Record furlough time in the Timesheet tab, and Part 2) Monthly leave reporting in the Request Absence tab. See overview instructions for each.

"Time and Absence" rectangular tile on MyUW
Time and Absence tile

Record your furlough time right away during the week it is used.

1. Go to MyUW ( >  Select TIME AND ABSENCE tile

2. Use TIMESHEET tab for entering the furlough day and hours worked for that week

3. Find the Time/Absence Code dropdown menu

Timesheet Tab (on MyUW) is selected
Timesheet Tab

    > Select the code FURLM for any full or partial furlough days (in Timesheet)
    > Enter hours (as whole hour increments) under Quantity

"FURLM" "Time / Absence Code for Furlough Time"

4. For the remainder of the days in that week, enter the FUREG code in the timesheet for hours worked during the same week. Enter FUREG hours worked (as whole hour increments) under Quantity.

Do not enter exact hours in the Shift In/Break Out/Break In/Shift Out columns.

"FUREG" "Time/Absence Code for Worked Hours"

5. Click “Submit” button.

"Request Absence" Tab is selected (MyUW)
(Screenshot) Request Absence tab

As a reminder, your furlough entry is not the only action required for the month. Enter your vacation, personal holiday, sick leave time, or “no leave taken” as follows:

Use the REQUEST ABSENCE tab to record your monthly leave usage, even if you did not take any leave days for the month.

  • MyUW ( > Time and Absence tile > REQUEST ABSENCE tab
  • Use the dropdown menu to select any leave used (Vacation, Personal Holiday, and Sick) or No Leave Taken
  • Repeat for different types of leave used (if any)
  • Click the Submit button in the upper right corner

    "Submit" button
    “Submit” button (screenshot)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I need to log furlough in my monthly leave reporting (Absences in MyUW)?
A: No. Please do not use the furlough code or log furlough days in your monthly leave reporting.

Q: If my only days off in a given month were furlough days, do I still need to enter a “No Leave Taken”?
A: Yes. Furlough is different from Leave. Enter a No Leave Taken as you normally would in your Monthly Leave Reporting using the Request Absence tab on MyUW as shown above.

Calendar iconTIMING


Updated January 7, 2021

Furlough must be entered and approved by the following dates for Academic Staff in order for the furlough deduction to be taken in that month.

Furlough Round Two
  • Furlough taken in January must be entered and approved by 01/25/21.
  • Furlough taken in February must be entered and approved by 02/22/21.
  • Furlough taken in March must be entered and approved by 03/24/21.
  • Furlough taken in April must be entered and approved by 04/21/21.
  • Furlough taken in May must be entered and approved by 05/19/21.
  • Furlough taken in June must be entered and approved by 06/16/21.

Furlough Round One
  • Furlough taken in May must be entered and approved by 05/20/20.
  • Furlough taken in June must be entered and approved by 06/17/20.
  • Furlough taken in July must be entered and approved by 07/15/20.
  • Furlough taken in August must be entered and approved by 08/24/20.
  • Furlough taken in September must be entered and approved by 09/23/20.
  • Furlough taken in October must be entered and approved by 10/22/20.

If you have questions on furlough entry, please email