Wellness Committee Survey 2020

icons depicting the seven dimensions of wellness: a gear, a heart, a plant growing, a dollar sign, a person, a crowd, a spiral

Dear FP&M Employees: a friendly “hello” from the FP&M Wellness Committee. Remember us?

We’d like to hear from the collective…

We’d like to hear from the collective…that’s you! In the past we brought you activities such as Desktop Planter, Gratitude Potluck, Porchlight Volunteering, a Madison Forward Soccer Outing, Analog Gametime, Zentangle, Step-tember, Festive Sweater Days, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Pick-up, and bi-weekly virtual Trivia. We’d like to thank those of you we’ve seen and heard in the past, and invite those new to FP&M and anyone who may not have participated in past events to help shape future wellness activities.

"Take Survey" button To find out how the Wellness Committee can better serve its co-workers during this time of uncertainty, we ask you to complete this short (5 minute) survey.

Your responses will help us understand health and wellness perceptions and interests so that we can plan activities that meet your needs and maybe, most of all, help us all feel a little more connected. Your answers will remain confidential. Thanks for your time and consideration.

If you have any questions about this survey or the committee in general, please contact Kayla Ruplinger at 608-265-4058; kayla.ruplinger@wisc.edu).

Thank you,

Wellness Committee Members

Kayla Ruplinger
Aaron Williams
Bryn Scriver
Cindy Mrozenski
Allison Bua-Demus
Dwayne Williams