Trivia Winners Circle (Aug-Sept 2020)

Congratulations to recent winners of FP&M virtual Trivia!

Here are our winners from August and September, 2020.





8/4/20 Winner – Jill Koeller

8/6/20 Winner – Isaac Knoflicek

8/11/20 Winner – Carolyn Wolff

8/13/20 Winner – Ryan Yanke

8/18/20 Winner –Ryan Yanke

8/20/20 Winner – Madeline Wojciuk

8/25/20 Winner – Ryan Yanke

8/27/20 Winner – Craig Mayer

9/1/20 Winner – Ryan Yanke

9/3/20 Winner – Ryan Yanke

9/8/20 Winner – Ryan Yanke

9/10/20 Winners – Melissa McGaw AND Michael Webber

9/15/20 Winner – Craig Mayer

9/17/20 Winners – TEAM: Ray Wahl, Brad Freitag, Mike Webber, Melissa McGaw

9/22/20 Winner – Isaac Knoflicek

9/24/20 Winner – Christiane Ramakrishnan

9/29/20 Winner – Isaac Knoflicek


Thanks for playing!

What is FP&M Trivia?

  • Everyone can play.
  • What you need to play: Microsoft Teams
  • Trivia is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:45am-12:00pm. 
    • See the event on Inside FP&M Events or view all events here.

FP&M Trivia is part of Wellness

Trivia is an activity provided by the FP&M wellness team that lets us have fun while supporting the social and emotional dimensions of wellness in our lives. As an employee-directed program, the FP&M Wellness Committee supports the overall well-being of FP&M employees by creating opportunities for employees to explore, learn about, and enhance their health and well-being. 

Sometimes it’s hard to stay connected with our coworkers, whether it be our busy schedules or our physical distance. FP&M Trivia can help us stay connected by taking just 15 minutes to play and say hello. If you’re interested in playing, please drop in for a game to see if you like it! 


Trivia Tuesday | 11:45am-12:00pm 

Trivia Thursday | 11:45am-12:00pm 

To play FP&M Trivia you will need to use Microsoft Teams (an app provided by UW-Madison.) Get started with MS Teams: see this KB resource.

Questions? Please contact Kayla Ruplinger (